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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Product review of Teaveli Early Grey Jasmine Green Tea

I am not a big fan of black tea, but I love green tea. I like basic green tea as well as other enhanced flavor comes in green tea. First time I had tried Jasmine tea in a Japanese restaurant. I was not sure how it would taste? But when they served the tea aroma itself was so amazing. That aroma of Jasmine promotes a sense of calm. Due to the scent I felt positive vibes and the taste was amazing. I thought this tea will be bitter, but it wasn't. I had enjoyed drinking it.

Besides the aroma and flavor Jasmine tea provides many health benefits as well. The major health benefits of jasmine tea is it reduces the risk of heart attacks and help prevent diabetes. Some research shows it also helps prevent Cancer and help improving digestive process. The green tea is very famous for lowering cholesterol control and advised by doctors as well.

I am a big fan of green tea. I usually take morning walk and then make my green tea. Every morning I sit on the patio and enjoy sipping my green tea. Regular green tea doesn't have any fragrance, so I was looking for green tea with all regular benefits plus great aroma. I found Teaveli Jasmine Green tea and I was excited to try. I had Jasmine tea in one of the Japanese restaurants and I liked it. So I decided to try this tea.

I love the resealable packaging, it keeps your tea fresh. I like that this tea made from only three ingredients green tea, Jasmine Flowers and Bergamot Extracts. They also mention packaging details:- packaging date, best date till this tea stays fresh. This package contains 100 gms tea and it is 100% pure & unblended Indian tea. I love the aroma of Jasmine Flowers, it makes my day refreshing. 
You will see the directions to make tea as well. I was amazed that just 1 tsp is enough for 1 cup of tea. I had just added 1 tsp tea in boiling water and let it boil for 3 minutes, then strain it and your tea is ready. 

I got this product for free in exchange of my honest and unbiased review, but I am not bound to write a positive review. All opinions are 100% my own. You can check this product on amazon Click here

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

Review of #Maxam™ 309pc Poker Chip Set in Aluminum Case Set

As winter approaches, outdoor activities are not possible to enjoy. Although you can enjoy all the snow sports, but I am not much of a snow person. I would like to enjoy indoor activities rather than freezing outside. So I generally organize a game night, which includes different type of poker and card games. I love organizing poker night on new year's eve. It is a great celebration idea and you can spend time with family and friends. The poker is a great game because many people can play it together.

This set includes 300 Poker chips, 5 Dice, 2 decks of cards and 1 dealer marker. The 300 poker chips consist of 100 white, 50 green, 50 black, 50 blue and 50 red chips. There is no money wage indicated on any chips, So you can decide your own wages for different color chips. As white colored chips are more I would prefer to set them at minimum value may be $1 or $10. I really like the quality of poker chips and it all looks like professional finishing.
One of the best things about MAXAM poker set is it comes with aluminium case, so you don't have to worry about loosing any chip or dice. It also comes with lock and key mechanism, so ultimately its kids safe. When this poker set is not in use, just lock the case and secure the key. I can't wait to organize a poker night at my home. I am so excited to use this set.
Today, when someone asks if you play poker, they generally mean Texas Hold ‘Em – a game that’s become increasingly popular over the past decade thanks to the World Series of Poker and movies like “Rounders.”

But there are many versions and variations of poker, the main types being stud, draw and community card games. Let me give you some overview of different types of poker.


  1. Texas Hold ‘Em
  2. Omaha
  3. 7-Card Stud
  4. 5-Card Draw
  5. High / Low Chicago
  6. Follow the Queen
Texas Hold ‘Em
This game is played in the World Series of Poker. The Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular poker game in America today. I love playing this game at home with my friends easy to understand and easy to explain others as well. In Texas Hold ‘Em game players deal two “pocket” then wait for 5 community cards to be revealed. In this game
Betting takes place in four rounds. 1st betting is after the hole cards are dealt. 2nd betting is after the first three community cards are revealed (referred to as “the flop”). 3rd betting is after the fourth community card is revealed (“the turn”) and lastly, after the fifth community card is flipped (“the river”). Players must make their best hands with any combination of 5 cards (their hole cards and the communal).

This game is all about the strategy and how confident you play. There are different types of hands you can make Royal flush is the highest possible hand you can make. This set can be a great gift for poker lovers. I also like like this set for game night and poker party for sure. You can check out this product on Amazon through this link. Maxam™ 309pc Poker Chip Set in Aluminum Case Set

I have received this product for free in exchange of my honest opinion. All opinions are my own. All pictures posted here are taken by me.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Review of ULG Women's handbag clutch wallet for wedding and party

Even though I am travel blogger, I always wanted to be a fashion aficionado. Being a girl, I had always an eye for beautiful accessories. Whether it's a cute top, accessories, or a functional handbag. I always lookout for that unique piece! Being a travel blogger, I always look for the price and functionality of a product. Lately I visited few big cities and islands and during my visits to high end restaurants and gala dinners I realized the need for party wear clutch. 

Since I lost my clutch last month, I was looking for a clutch which is suitable for every evening event. I wanted to buy clutch which I can use in wedding as well as dinner parties. 

Recently, I came across ULG women's handbags and absolutely fell in love with it. They have a really pretty collection for wedding and party ware clutches. But of all the wonderful handbags and wallets, the 7.5" ULG handbag really stole the show because it's shiny and really pop up with party wear dress. As a travel blogger I always concern about the size because I travel frequently, I want clutch which is easy to carry and lightweight. 

While choosing wallet/ clutch I have to consider following things :-

1. Looks attractive 
2. Easy to carry
3. My phone should fit in clutch
4. Small pocket for credit cards 
5. Light weight
6. It should able to carry few makeup accenssials 
7. Suitable for every style of clothes

First off, this vintage style clutch comes in 3 party style colors; gold, silver and black. The gold and silver are shiny and beautiful that it is absolutely irresistible. It features 3 interior compartments, including a zipper pouch between two compartments. The clutch seems small but it is big enough to carry cellphone, cash, credit cards, lipstick and eyeliner as well.

Made from rhinestones and stainless steel. It is lightweight, smooth surface to the touch, and just the right size to for the party!
These can be great birthday or anniversary gift for your love. Check out this product on Amazon through this link

Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hiking at Charlie's bunion in Great Smokey Mountain National Park

The moment we decide the trip to the Great Smokey Mountain for Memorial Day long weekend I had started searching where we can go and what to explore. When I saw pictures of the view you can see from Charlie's Bunion, I have decided to do hiking on the Appalachian Trail till Charlie's Bunion. Before planning your hiking trip get all your required gears for hiking as its gonna be a 8 mile round trip. You can check my post on hiking essential

How to get there

  1. Enter the address for the Newfound gap parking area in your GPS. Exact address is Newfound Gap Parking Area, Bryson City, NC 28713
  2. Follow Newfound Gap road, you will see signs for a parking lot.
  3. They have a huge parking lot, but it gets full, as this place is famous among hikers and travelers for an incredible view. 

Must follow tips for Hiking at Charlie's Bunion

  1. Comfortable, sturdy and good grip Hiking Shoes as hiking path is rocky.
  2. Carry hiking bag, so you can keep all your required essentials. If you are hiking in a group than share the bag so that you don't have to carry it all the way alone.
  3. At least 2 Bottle water and Energy Drink.
  4. As this hike will take minimum 4-5 hours depend on your speed carry required food such as fruits, protein bars or sandwiches.
  5. This trail is rocky and inclined so those who are not comfortable with it do think twice before hike this trail.

Charlie's Bunion

For Charlie's Bunion you have to park your car at the Newfound Gap Parking area. You will get a nice view from the parking lot itself. Those who don't want to hike, they can enjoy the view from a parking lot. And those who are planning to hike, get ready and gear up with all your hiking essentials. I would advise you to use the restrooms at the starting point because you will not get restroom facility until you reach to shelter, which is about 3 miles.

Newfound gap parking lot

This trail called "Appalachian Trail". This trail also continues beyond "Charlie's Bunion" so keep checking the signs. Some times they wrote "A.T" on the sign board. 

Charlie's Bunion has 4 mile hiking one way, so around 2.7 miles are stiff uphill and 1.3 miles are downhill. Hiking trail has rocks and uneven surface so be careful while walking on the trail. This trail has made on the edge of the mountain which means it's hilly and slant. In the rainy season this trail might get slippery so be careful. Instead of focusing to finish this trail faster, focus on hiking safely. There is no doubt, you will get to see the stunning view of mountains and valley. You can see in a picture posted here. 

Sitting at Charlie's Bunion

I had never seen such an incredible view from the mountain. As this place was at a higher altitude you can see clouds cover the view every now and then.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016

Tips and Tricks for Successful Road trip

On a Memorial day long weekend, we did a road trip from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to the Great Smokey Mountain, Tennessee. We had planned to enter from Tennessee as its closer to Wisconsin, so GPS and google map was showing a little more than 10 hrs drive.

Obviously it's around 700 miles, so you are not gonna drive at a stretch. We have counted 3 breaks of half an hour and targeted at max 12 hrs drive.

Obviously road trip comes with full of surprises and there it is. Our actual plan was somewhat like this, Boys suppose to leave from office at 3:00 pm then they will come home and pick me and my friend, load all the luggage in the trunk and we suppose to hit the highway by 3:30 pm. Due to some work they reach home at 3:30 pm,then we went to pick up ice from a gas station. So finally we hit the road around 4:00 pm. Ultimately, we were half an hour behind the schedule. But still everyone was excited about the trip. Everything was going smoothly until we get on I-294. This highway pass through the O'hare International airport and lead to Indiana. Oh lord the traffic was too crazy GPS had automatically reroute faster route and we followed that route, took an exit and we were driving around the towns. And guess what we got lots of buddies like us, who were facing the same issue. Long weekend, Peak time and traffic worst combination for the road trip, but has to face it.

Indiana welcome sign on I-294 is approximately 130 miles from Milwaukee. We suppose to reach there around 6:00 pm and we cross that sign at 7:15 pm, which means traffic ate our 1 hour and 15 mins. Thank god we didn't choose Chicago Downtown route, it was showing 1 hour 20 mins slower than this route. Can you imagine what will be happened if we had chosen a route which goes through Chicago downtown?

After crossing these traffic, things went pretty smooth. We lost additional one hour due to the time difference as Wisconsin is in CST and Tennessee is in EST. But so far it was great. So due to all these unexpected experiences, I had decided to write a blog post about the road trip.

Things you should check before leaving for the road trip 

  1. First and foremost thing, Car is a key element of the road trip. There can be two options, either you take your own car or take a rental.
  2. If you are taking your car, check all records which include last service, oil change, any noticeable noise from the engine and also emergency road assistance details.
  3. No matter, it's your own car or rental check out driver's insurance. All those who gonna drive should have insurance. If you are taking a rental car, then ask them to add potential drivers and if you don't have insurance you can buy at that time.
  4. Take all the documents of car, driver's license and insurance details.
  5. If you already have insurance, but you are taking a rental car, then verify with your insurance provider, do they cover rental insurance? If yes, then you don't have to buy from car rental company.
  6. Once you finish with all your car gears don't forget to take the GPS. And also check the route of drive, day before, so if you need to update maps you can do it.
  7. While checking route, verify does it include toll roads? If it includes toll road, take a prepaid toll pass (I pass, E-pass etc) or check other options to pay toll.
  8. Also check road conditions. If there is construction then lane will be narrow down and speed has been reduced, so be careful and make sure you drive attentively.
  9. Check weather conditions for the day and set margins accordingly. If it's rainy and windy drive slow and be safe.
  10. Take charger and required cables for all your electronic gadgets like GPS, cellphone, tablet and camera as well.
  11. Drivers specially cross check their required gears during driving, which includes a cap, sunglasses and wireless devices.

Things to carry with you for the road trip

I am listing all this stuff in reference of bad situations like crazy traffic and bad weather conditions.
  1. Carry enough water. Don't go for 2-3 bottles. I would advice you to buy 12 pk, 24 pk or more, depends on how many people are there?
  2. Staying hydrated is important, so not just water, but also get some energy drinks and juices.
  3. Whenever I go for a road trip I like munching a lot and I am sure you too, like Chips, Cheetos, Cheese balls many things are there to choose from. I also like to get some healthy stuffs as well like fruits, cheese sticks, granola bars, etc.
  4. If you don't want to waste your time to stop by at restaurant for food then make some easy to go meal from home. Salad, Pasta, Sandwich, Burger etc. You can keep dry and wet ingredients separately and mix them at the time of eating.
  5. Keep a first aid box with basic medicines, and also keep remedies for motion sickness if anyone has it.

Do's and Don'ts for safe Road trip

  1. First and foremost thing, You should not drive above the mentioned speed limit.
  2. Stay away from reckless drivers.
  3. Don't play music such a loud, that you can't hear your surroundings.
  4. If you feel sleepy immediately change the driver or pull over to a rest area.
  5. Those who sit in the front passenger seat should not sleep.
  6. Be a good DJ, you have a responsibility to keep the driver fully awake.
  7. The front passenger has to be attentive and keep track on route. 
  8. Don't get panic in any condition.
  9. Keep checking the surroundings and help driver whenever he/she asks.
  10. Don't be a boring trip partner. 

Friday, June 03, 2016

Friday, June 03, 2016

Summer 2016 bucket list

Generally Summer starts from June 21 or 22, but for me it starts from May. Whenever I get sunny day I try to take benefit of it. Either I go for a walk or play some sport. As summer starts in June, but I had started making my summer bucket list since May 1st week. Usually my Summer Bucket list is little longer than other seasons. Why? Because some activities are more fun doing it in summer rather than in the winter. You cannot go for kayaking in the winter as it will be freezing outside. You cannot take a bike ride in the snow storm. So, many things are more fun doing in Summer.

Summer 2016 Bucket List

  1. Play mini golf
  2. Go for hiking 
  3. Do zip-line
  4. Rent RV and go for camping
  5. Visit at least one mountain
  6. Go to beach and enjoy sun bath
  7. Go for canoeing 
  8. Organize poker night
  9. Go for a long drive
  10. Go bowling
  11. Attend summer fest
  12. Go for cheese tasting 
  13. Organize Barbecue Party
  14. Visit Wine Yard
  15. Attend Music Concert
  16. Take a bike ride in Mountains
  17. Stay in cabin which has Mountain View
  18. Skydiving
  19. Visit local farmer's market
  20. Make a snow cone at home

Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

Beach essentials

After long 6 months of cold weather I was so excited to enjoy the sunny weather. The beach is my favorite spot to spend weekends in summer. I live in the Midwest and it known as Great Lakes area so we have plenty of lakes, beaches and water activities. So let's get ready, gather your beach essentials and head to the beach in this summer.

Things you should carry on your trip to the beach

10 Beach Essentials 

1. Beach Tote

Why beach tote, not just purse? Because beach tote will be used to carry all your beach essentials. Choose your beach tote big enough so that you can put everything in one place and no hassle of carrying number of bags. Make sure your beach tote has a little secret pocket in which you can keep your cell phone, cards and money.

2. Beach Towel

Best thing to do on beach is spread your beach towel on the sand, lay down and enjoy sunbathing. You can also use a picnic blanket instead, but personally I like to use my soft beach towel. It gives nice soft sand massage.

3. Swimwear

Why people use swim wear and not regular clothes? You can swim in regular clothes, but it gets sticky and take time to dry out. Swim wear is made up of such a material which dry out quickly. So it doesn't make you feel wet and sticky.

4. Coverup

After enjoying swimming at the beach I like to lay down and enjoy a sun bath. Sometimes over exposure of skin cause itching and dryness. I prefer using cover-up on my swim suit, so less itchiness.

Have fun at the beach

5.Flip flops 

I am too picky with my shoes and you very well know that salty water can ruin your perfect pairs. So the best way is to wear your flip flops instead of any fancy shoes. Even if it gets wet you don't have to worry about it. Flip flops are lightweight and goes with any outfit.

6. Sun glasses & Hat

Summer and sunglasses go along no matter you are going to beach or mountains. Personally I prefere sunglasses which protect against UV rays as well.

"Beat the heat"

Hat & sunglasses 

7. Hair accessories 

I personally prefer to tie my hair for water activities. It's better to tie your hair up or make a bun so that your hair don't get damage. It depends on type of hair but salty water and moisture in weather can cause damage. Keep comb and at least two rubber bands in case you lost one.

8. Sunscreen lotion

Do remember whenever you go to beach use the sunscreen lotion which has 50 or more SPF. And also look for a lotion who give Sun and water barrier. It means even you swim in water, it helps to protect your skin and doesn't wash it off with water.

9. Water

As weather heat up, it's important to stay hydrated. Mostly all beaches have at least one small cafe where you get basic things like water and some snacks, but I always prefer to carry with me if in case you don't get there or they are out of stock.

10. Snacks

You can have ready made snacks like chips, popcorn or protein bars, etc. If you are planning to spend a whole day there, then you can take homemade lunch like sandwich or pasta, which can be eaten even its cold. If you are planning your trip with kids than better to carry enough food with you.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday, May 20, 2016

A Day at Milwaukee Public Market

I moved to Milwaukee 2 years ago. I moved here in June last week, so weather was pretty warm and sunny. I had never anticipated that Winter in Milwaukee is extremely cold. So my 1st winter I spend staying indoor, but then I started finding indoor events which are great for winter and cold days of Spring. So last Saturday it was cold around the 50s, So we decided to go to the Public Market as this plan has been due since longtime.

The Milwaukee Public Market is the best place to explore Variety of Food, Wine and Cheese. Wisconsin trip never ends without Cheese. There are lots of food vendors in the market, So you will find suitable meal, no doubts on that. There are pretty good vegetarian and vegan options as well. The Milwaukee Public Market is all in one place, Coffee, chocolates, cupcakes, desserts,full meal, wine,cheese, you name it and they have it.

The Milwaukee Public Market has its own parking and its paid parking. So if you don't want to pay for parking then find street parking, almost all street has free parking on weekends, but still check the signs. If you buy anything from Market than they will validate your parking ticket, which reduce your parking charges.

As it was cold and windy we decided to park our car at Public Market's parking. We were not sure what we gonna buy, but we decided to keep parking ticket with us, so that if we buy anything I can ask them to validate my ticket. Who doesn't like to save a few bucks?

They have three different gates so if you give directions to anyone better to tell the vendor's name, which will be easy to locate. We decide to take a whole round of market and find out what it has to offer and then will decide what to eat.

So we started from "The green kitchen" and head towards the Adam's bakery and looking around all vendor's display. Some Vendor's displayed desserts and chocolates, which are so tempting. There are many other vendor's except food like Kitchen supplies, Thief Wine and West Allies cheese. We stop by Cheese shop, they have taste samples as well so we tried it. I really like cheese spread for crackers.

You can also get some Milwaukee gears like T-shirts, caps, Cheese shape cap as well. There is a huge section of seafood and St.Paul fish company as well. You will get oyster, Lobster, Shrimps, Fish, etc. Me and my husband both are vegetarian, so we haven't given it a try, but that place was pretty crowded so I guess their sea food will be nice.

I decided to get a veggie wrap from Green Kitchen but my husband wanted to try the Mediterranean so he bought from Aladdin. The best thing is you buy your meal from wherever you want, then take it and go upstairs they have plenty of arrangement for sitting. They have a beautiful seating area upstairs looking over the market.

And yes, don't forget to get validated your parking ticket. It was a wonderful day spending at Milwaukee Public Market.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday, May 13, 2016

"Tulip Time" Tulip Festival in Holland Michigan

Since spring has been arrived, I was waiting to see Tulips and we finally made it. This Sunday was nice and sunny so we decided to go Holland, Michigan for the Tulip Time festival. Apart from Tulips it's a great place to explore Dutch culture, Dutch Dance and Historic buildings.

How to get there

By flight

There are three feasible airports West Michigan Regional airport, Park township airport or Muskegon county airport. 

If you are not able to get flight to these airports than take flight for Chicago O'hare or Detroit Metropolitan airport. It takes no more than three hours of drive.

By Train

Amtrak service is available from Chicago to Holland. Holland is a stop on the Chicago to Grand Rapids route. You can book your rental if you are planning to visit different towns. You will get a local bus, trolley and other shuttle facilities to roam in the City of Holland.

By Car

Holland Town is around 160 miles from Chicago and 190 miles from Detroit. Holland town is connected with US-31 and I-196 but due to construction it might take little more time. Also, you will find rush on a highway due to the Tulip Festival.

Tip to Explore

  • If you are visiting with kids than bring stroller you can use the stroller to roam around the park.
  • If you are with younger kids than keep water and snacks with you because if you are using the park & ride facility then it will be convenient. 
  • Check weather predictions before you plan so that you can get your spring gears accordingly.
  • Tulips are scattered all around Town so be prepared for a long walk and choose your shoes wisely.
We reach there around 12 noon,there was plenty of traffic in the town as every one coming to enjoy Tulip Time festival. We decided to visit the Tulip Time festival office first, collect information and then head start our trip. They provide a brochure which has all required details, including Map of the city, so easy to find directions. They have a beautiful Tulip display outside the office, so take out your camera and start capturing the beauty of Tulips. 

After getting all the information we decided to visit the Windmill island first, followed by Dutch dance and art & craft fair. From Tulip Time office windmill island is around mile and a half. You can also drive there, but not sure about parking because it gets full early. We decided to walk so that we can see historical buildings of downtown Holland. It was a beautiful walk, they have small patches of Tulips on sidewalks as well. You can also take a trolley tour, if you don't want to walk or drive.

The Windmill island has historic buildings, beautiful tulip display, Native Indian town and of-course Dutch Windmill. We started with Tulips, small windmill and historic buildings. Suddenly I hear gunshots so I was wondering where is the sound coming from. There was a show performed on natives and British fight. So we run into the ground and saw the fight. It was an amazing show. 

In the same ground there is huge windmill and Tulip display. You can climb to the Windmill base and get a spectacular view of the island and tulips. There was a display of native town and I got a chance to meet native Indian, such a nice talk with him and learn a little about history. This place gets crowded, so better to reach as early as you can. 

They also have a display of "The Four Columns" built in 1928 by the famous organ maker "Carl Frel" . The Four Columns was a famous organ and often played on the street in Breda, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. It was a gift to City of Holland from the City of Amsterdam in 1947.

After enjoying Dutch Music we headed back to Centennial Park to watch Dutch Dance. They have different timings for Dutch Dance so check before you plan your itinerary. As it was more than one mile walk from Windmill Island to Centennial Park you need at least 20 mins to reach there. Police will close the traffic for a small section as dance performed on the street and everyone can watch from sidewalks. There is also dance performances by the kids. Both dance performance have different timings and place.

There is art & craft fair at Centennial park, which you should not miss. We explore the fair and seen so much stuff made by local vendor. I got Blueberry jalapeno Jam, never heard jalapeno in Jam so bought it, it tastes good. I found many unique stuffs as well. Worth exploring the market.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Friday, May 06, 2016

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival was officially inaugurated in 1984 by the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce.The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is one of the best Tulip festival in the Pacific Northwest. Every year it held from April 1-30. Tulips are scattered all across the Skagit Valley. Mainly you can enjoy exploring Tulips in RoozenGaarde and Tulip Town. These are two big farms and you can see millions of Tulips with a number of different colors. 

How to get there

By flight

There are three feasible airports near Mount Vernon are Seatac, Vancouver, BC and Bellingham airports. Once you arrive there you can either take a shuttle or rent a car to get there. Airporter Shuttle provides 11 convenient trips a day, to and from Sea-Tac Airport and also operates out of Bellingham.

By Train

Amtrak service is available from Seattle,WA and Vancouver,BC to Mount Vernon. The Journey by train will obviously scenic as Washington state is covered with mountains and valley. You can book your rental in advance and ask them to pick you up from the Amtrak station. You can also get a local bus to roam around.  

By Car

Skagit Valley is around 60 miles from Seattle and 70 miles from Vancouver. You can take I-5 North from Seattle and I-5 South from Vancouver, which is great to reach Skagit Valley. Due to Tulip Festival you might get some traffic on your way.

Tip to Explore

  • I would suggest you to plan your visit in 2nd and 3rd week of April, as major Tulip blooms in mid week.
  • If you are visiting with kids than bring stroller you can use the stroller to roam around the farm.
  • If you are with younger kids than keep water and snacks with you as if you plan to take a whole round of the farm then you will need it.
  • Check weather predictions before you plan so that you can get your spring gears accordingly.
  • As you are visiting the farm there will be dirt, no concrete floors, so choose your shoes wisely.

It was an amazing trip overall. This was my first time, I have never been to any Tulip Garden before, but seen in so many movies. Actually, my husband planned this trip and I was like OK lets go. I didn't imagine that it has such a huge display.

You will find so many people around Tulip farms. We went to Tulip Town. They provide free parking. Tickets range from $5 to $10, it depends when you are visiting. They also have a small display indoor with the history of Tulip flowers and festivals.

They have a big windmill in display and in a farm as well. They also set up a booth for face painting, souvenir shop and food stall. You can also buy a kite from there and enjoy kite flying.

Except viewing Tulips there are other things to spend time with like Trolley Tour, Kite flying and picnic. My husband bought me a bouquet of Tulips. I was so surprised by seeing variety of colors. You can never imagine this much variety with any other flower. Even we had seen Tulips which has two shades in single Tulip flower

Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday, April 29, 2016

Best places to enjoy Tulip Festival in USA

Spring season indicates new beginning. It converts white snowy bed to colorful flower bed. After dry, cold winter, spring brings fresh bloom flowers, bird onomatopoeia, smell fresh herbs in your garden, which feels life to the earth again. Spring season is very famous for blooming flowers which includes Cherry Blossom and Tulips.

The Tulip is a plant from the lily family. Tulips are spring-blooming perennials that grow from bulbs. There are more than 100 varieties of Tulips. In USA Tulip and Dutch cultural heritage has celebrated since longtime. I have visited a few places and it blows my mind with stunning colors.  

Skagit Valley, Mount Vernon, Washington

Skagit Valley is one of the best place to see Tulips in all over USA. Its 33rd anniversary of Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. In Mount Vernon number of farms grow Tulips and you can buy tickets of any farm and head to the farm. They grow Tulips in countless colors. They also have Trolley ride, Kite flying, Kids zone and Souvenir shops as well.
  1. Address:- 1) Roozen Gaarde:-  15867 Beaver Marsh Rd, Mount Vernon, WA 98273                                                 2) Tulip Town :- 15002 Bradshaw Road, Mount Vernon,
  2. Event Dates:- April 1-30, 2016
  3. Admission Fee:- It varies $5 - $10
  4. Event Website:- Tulip Festival
  5. Main Event:-
    • Anacortes Arts Festival
    • Anacortes Quilt Walk
    • Anacortes Spring Wine Festival
    • Burlington Scrap booking Swap Meet
    • Schmooze Fair 2016
    • Tulip Frolic
    • Tulip Pedal – 35th Annual
    • Downtown Burlington Art Walk

Tulip Time, Holland, Michigan

Tulip Time festival has begun in 1929 to celebrate Dutch Heritage and blooming Tulips in Spring. Holland is celebrating its 87th year of celebration in 2016. You can explore Tulip flowers in numerous colors, but the other extraordinary thing is Dutch Culture. In Tulip Time nearly one thousand dancers dressed up in authentic Dutch costume and wooden shoes and perform traditional dances. You can also experience traditional Dutch food, art and Musical performances.
  1. Address:- 74 West 8th St. Holland, Michigan 49423
  2. Event Dates:- May 7 - May 14, 2016
  3. Admission Fee:- Tulip Garden and Dutch Dance are free event. For other specific events, buy your tickets on Tulip Time Tickets
  4. Event Website:-
  5. Main Event:-
    • Dutch Dance
    • Tulip Time Run Health & Fitness Expo
    • Carnival
    • Tulip Gardens & Lanes
    • New Odyssey Dinner Show
    • Art & Craft Fair 
    • Quilt Show
Image source:- Event management, collage by Urvi Shah

Biltmore Gardens, Asheville,NC

Biltmore Estate has a spectacular display of colorful blooms. Starting on the first day of spring the legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted. This estate has five gardens which include:-  Italian, Shrub, Walled, Rose and Azalea, Conservatory , Bass Pond and Sunflowers. Walled garden features a seasonal rotation of blooms, which includes 75000 of Tulips in spring.
  1. Address:- 1 Lodge street,  Asheville, North Carolina 28803
  2. Event Dates:- March 19-May 26, 2016
  3. Admission Fee:- Ticket will cost you between $25-$60. You can buy from here Biltmore bloom tickets
  4. Event website:- Biltmore Blooms
  5. Main Event:-
    • Drum Circle
    • Special Exhibition - Constance Williams
    • The Box: A Contemporary Jewelry Challenge
    • Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
    • Waterfalls 'n Wine

Albany Tulip Festival

The Tulip Festival is one of the signature spring event in Albany.  The Tulip Festival is a sparkling showcase of local culture and business. These events feature annual Dutch heritage, traditions rooted in the city. In this festival nearly hundred artisans are selling their handmade crafts, a fine art show, delicious food, the KidZone family fun destination. Also, there are two stages of world-class live entertainment and thousands of tulips in more than 100 different varieties. 
  1. Address:- Washington Park (Crown Jewel), Orange City, Iowa 51041
  2. Event dates:- May 6th  - 8th, 2016
  3. Admission Fee:- free (fee for luncheon and ball)
  4. Event website:-  Albany Tulip Festival
  5. Main Event:- 
    • Tulip Tours
    • Carillon Concert
    • Street Scrubbing
    • Tulip Festival Luncheon
    • Drawing Up Central
    • Royal Tulip Ball
Image source:- Event management, collage by Urvi Shah

Orange city Tulip Festival, Iowa

To pay homage to their European homeland, Orange City residents began to imagine a celebration to honor the traditions and customs of their Dutch ancestors. The Hollander’s innate tendency toward cleanliness and beauty combined with a historical background of flower culture was the inspiration for the Tulip Festival.
  1. Address:- 509 8th street SE, Orange city, Iowa 51041
  2. Event dates:- May 19th  - 21st, 2016
  3. Admission Fee:- fees for different events varies, it will be between $1-$5, Night show costs $20 each. You can buy your tickets here Tickets for Tulip Festival Events
  4. Event website:- Orange city Tulip Festival
  5. Main Event:-
    • Quilt Show
    • Wooden Shoe Carving
    • Street Scrubbing
    • Windmill Park
    • The Volksparade
    • Dutch Dozen
    • Fietsen Zangers
Image Source:- Event Management, Collage by Urvi Shah

Have you been to any Tulip Festival? 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Evening out with friends at TopGolf

As spring has started, I love to explore new places. Chicago is a Windy City so you cannot expect all day will be warm spring day, but maybe some of. Last Saturday we all friends decided to play golf, although none of us is professional golf player. But still we wanted to play for fun. So we were searching for the miniature golf place around Milwaukee, than my husband suggested TOPGOLF. He had been there once. As I never heard about it, I had started surfing on the Internet to look details for TOPGOLF.

The best thing of TOPGOLF is you don't need to be a professional golfer. Anyone can try their skills and learn how to play? isn't it amazing? I always wanted to play Golf but didn't  get a chance to learn, but this evening my wish came true. 

We went to Wood dale, Chicago, but there are many locations all over the US. You can find the nearest one over here Topgolf locations

Finest thing is TOPGOLF opens till 2am on Friday and Saturday. All locations have different timings so make sure to cross check. They have two types of game pricing one is per game price or Bulk buy specials. As we were eight friends so we decide to go for bulk buy. And also it has four types of the card system.

Guest playing Card:-  $5 (no game credits and free club rental)
Adult playing Card:- $35 ($48 game credits and free club rental)
Senior & student playing Card:- $20 ($25 game credits and free club rental)
Junior playing Card:- $15 ($20 game credits and free club rental)

They have Score screen at each golf station where you can see your each ball counting, score and how far it went if it gets in the hole. Each ball have chip and from this chip monitor identifies and gives the score.

Initially we all were focusing on hitting the ball ultimately and I missed it many times though. But once we started scoring every one got intense to increase the score. I must say, It was an amazing and addictive game. We got a chance to play on second level, it got a great view of the field. You can also order drinks and food while playing, so that was more fun.

I would love to play miniature Golf now. I hope I can try other locations as well. Have you tried miniature Golf? Which one is your favorite ? Can't wait to try new places for miniature golf ?