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Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017

Product review of Fitbit Charge HR

*These post is not sponsored. It was my decision to share my experience with the product.

I hope you all are enjoying spring. As weather getting better I am ready to achieve my new year resolution and same time working towards my spring bucket list. The Fitbit has captured a good amount of market with step counts feature. It provides sleep analysis as well. The Fitbit offers many different models with added features. I have bought Fitbit Charge HR. It helps me to track my activities and calories burned every day. I really like the product and that's why I decided to write a Product review of Fitbit Charge HR.

Product review of Fitbit Charge HR

First of all, I will love to share features of Fitbit Charge HR
  1. Heart rate: - It shows real-time heart rate on your Fitbit, no need to synchronize with an app.
  2. Record All day activity: - It will track your steps, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, hourly activity.
  3. Caller ID: - Once you synchronize your Fitbit with the phone you will get call notification even during your workout.
  4. Date & time Display: - With Fitbit, you don't need your watch as it will display date & time both.
  5. Exercise mode: - You can record your workout stats in exercise mode to see post workout summaries.
  6. Record your Sleep: - It records your sleep automatically.
  7. Set a silent alarm: - You can set wake up alarm and it vibrates.
  8. Wireless synchronizing: - No need to attach wire just turn on the Bluetooth and synchronize.

Besides all this features the Fitbit app provides additional feature to focus on your fitness. Setting your goal is very important and this app gives all you required. You can set daily step goal, weight goal and active minutes. They also provide few exercise videos which you can use for your workout. You can keep track of your food and water intake through the app. It will automatically add and subtract your workout calories and calories you intake from food.

You can also add your Fitbit user friends and create a challenge to stay motivated and support each other.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring bucket List of 2017

This year it feels like winter and spring blended together. There was no accumulating snow in January and February. We also enjoyed few warm days with temperatures in the 50s which are a record breaking. I was so happy with the weather and thought spring will start early but a snowstorm hit the Midwest and East this week. Mother nature is unpredictable and you never know when the weather will change. Officially Spring starts from March 20th so I decided to make my "Spring bucket list of 2017". I hope I can get a chance to complete my bucket list because the weather was so unpredictable this year. Let's hope for the best.

Spring bucket List of 2017

The spring is the season for blooming flowers and those dry tree branches regrow the green leaves. As Autumn season approaches leafs dry out and fall from the trees. Even grass also turns brown. So Generally the flowers and leafs live spring to autumn. Get ready to enjoy blossom and grow your own garden.

I am so excited to enjoy spring but you know what my backyard is full of snow. Ultimately first thing will be to do spring cleaning. After spring cleaning only I can think of gardening, tea party, grilling etc. Last year I had planted mint, fenugreek, and green chilies. Except for green chilies, other two herbs came out good. Hence, this year I will work on my green chili plantation and I will also add coriander in my herb garden.

Besides cleaning and partying spring is the only season to see the flower blooming. Look around your neighborhood and you will find cherry blossoms. I know Washington DC is the best place to enjoy Cherry Blossoms but everyone cannot go there. Find a place near you where you can see cherry blossoms. Another type of flower who stole my heart is Tulips. I love the variety of colors they have to offer. The Tulip farms look so pretty with all the colorful flowers. Last year I had visited "Tulip Time" festival in Holland, Michigan

Whats in your bucket list?

Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday, March 10, 2017

Recipe of the week Couscous Fried Rice

This is the second week of March means time to share a recipe of the month. As we know healthy living and healthy eating is in the air. Everyone is trying to eat healthy food. Hence, I thought to start my recipes with some healthy ingredients. Hence, I choose Recipe of the week Couscous fried rice with full of protein and veggies.

The Couscous is African dish. The Couscous name is derived from the word "Seksu". It looks like small balls and texture is just like Tapioca Sago.

Recipe of the week Couscous Fried Rice

Before starting recipe let's understand what is couscous and why to use it? Since I started controlling on my carbs I was looking for the protein sources. I know eggs, yogurt, chicken and other meats are a good source of protein. But being a vegetarian I can not eat those stuff, I don't even eat eggs. Hence, I started searching protein sources for vegetarians. Lentils are the great source of protein, but you cannot eat lentils every day as you have to soak them ahead and then cook it. Finally, I found couscous which is easy to cook and a great source of protein for vegetarians.

Choosing couscous is a tricky task because it comes in three types. The most popular ones are Moroccan, Israeli and Lebanese. It divided with the size of couscous. The Moroccan once are smallest in size and semolina type of texture. Israeli couscous is also known as pearl couscous. The Israeli once are easy to cook and take less time. Lebanese couscouses are the largest one and almost small peas size. It takes more time to cook.

I have used Israeli couscous in my recipe. You can make it in a different style. I wanted to keep it simple and easy to make. You can add whatever veggies you like. It was my first trial, so I kept it easy with fewer spices in it.

Friday, March 03, 2017

Friday, March 03, 2017

Free Printable Daily Planner for Bloggers 2017

In my comeback post, I have briefly explained the steps for how to get back to blogging after a long break. If you have missed it, you can check the article at Tips for getting back to blogging after a long break. Hence, I decided to share key thing which I am following to get my blog up and running.

Why I have decided to create my own Planner?

I hope you guys remember that I talked about scheduling and stay consistent. Everyone has their own scheduling style. Some people maintain Diary and note everything in it. Nowadays, even blog planners are becoming more famous. As I am getting back to my blogging,  I was searching for a good planner. I had searched so many sites and realize that my requirements are different than what they offer. Hence, I decided to design my own planner.

How I have created my Own Planner?

Before I go to print my version, I bought college ruled 1-subject notebook. I decided to do trial and error method and find out which type of planner works for me and what things I want to add. Now blogging is not just about writing articles. We also have to concentrate on social media marketing and earn the followers. To achieve that I wanted had to record my social media stats and Social media engagement goals.

Blog Planner Format 

Click here to Download

  1. First of all, we need a calendar to schedule anything either it's blog related or something else. So, I started adding each month on an individual page, which helped me to line up the plan in advance.
  2. Secondly, set goals for each month to make it easy to measure your progress and you can divide the yearly goal into small parts. Those goals can be two types, one is blog related and other can be social media stats. Ultimately, both are for the blog, but social media stats will be measured in numbers.
  3. Third and last page, I have created for daily activities log. I generally prepare my to-do list the previous night before I go to bed. Hence, I can start my day right away nothing gets missed out. You can also do time allotment and save time.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday, February 24, 2017

My Ultimate Game plan for the Blog

In my previous article, I have explained " Tips to getting back to blogging after a long break" but you don't have to write random blog posts. I required to serve great articles and attract new readers as well. Hence I decided to make my Ultimate Game plan for the Blog to stay consistent with my work.

My Ultimate Game plan for the Blog

Since I have updated theme and wrote a comeback post, I was thinking to broad my niche and include food and fashion with my travel blog posts. There are few questions in my mind before I have started making my game plan.

  1. How frequent should I publish the post?
  2. Which day should I publish my blog post?
  3. Which topics to include?
  4. Do I have required material (pictures, videos etc.)?
  5. Can I write in advance?

1. How frequent should I publish the post?

Now let's try to answer above five questions. The very first question is about a frequency of the post. That means are you planning to write the post weekly, biweekly or once a month. How to decide that? Technically, if you take a long time then your readers might forget you. Hence better to write frequently, I think once a week is a reasonable time to write a post for you and good for your readers too. I know many people write twice even thrice a week, but you do as per your capacity. Remember focus on quality, not quantity.

2. Which day should I publish my blog post?

The second question is decide which day of the week you want to publish. There are seven days in a week, so you have plenty of option isn't it? Just keep in your mind whatever day you decide to keep it consistent. Try to post on the same day every week, so your reader is aware that when they can get to read the new post.

3. Which topics to include?

Earlier I was writing about travel places and product reviews, but now I am planning to broad my niche and include fashion and food as well, so now the biggest question is how I will manage all three topics on one blog? Hence I have to decide which topic goes on which week.

4. Do I have required material (pictures, videos etc.)?

The next is material required for the blog post, you cannot decide the topics until you are able to generate original content. Also, think about long term. Once you include topic you at least should have content for five - seven post and you will get new ideas as you start writing.Can I write in advance?

5. Can I write in advance?

Once you decide your topics don't wait till last day to write a post. Sometimes you get emergency or maybe you are not able to access the internet then you will not able to write or publish your post. Hence better to schedule it ahead. I generally prefer to schedule at least 2-3 days ahead of the publish date. If you are not able to schedule that early then try to do it at least before one day. That way no last minute hustle and you can start working on next post, so ultimately you are getting ahead of time.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday, February 10, 2017

Tips to getting back to blogging after a long break

I have been enjoying holidays and taking the vacation to give time to myself. Sometimes I just want to stay alone and think about my past and future. Taking a vacation is good to find yourself. So finally I am getting back to blogging after a long break. Last week when I was checking my blog's control panel I realize I had written the last post in October 2016. Hence, I sat back and decided my 2017 goals for life and decided to start writing again. The big question for me was from where should I start? Hence, I decided to start from the "Tips to getting back to blogging after a long break".

Tips to getting back to blogging after a long break

Before you directly jump on writing an article take a moment and think. Think about in which direction you want to take your blog. I would advise you to follow the steps given below.

1. Decide your goals.

All bloggers and writers have their own goal. Generally, I set goals for the individual year, that way you can stay on track. Your set of goals helps you stay motivated as well. There is no specific time to set goals. I know people say you should set your goals from the day one of January but it's not necessary. In our language, we have motivation thought "Morning starts the moment you woke up." Hence, write your goals in your daily task book and get aboard. 

2. Stay Motivated

Don't think blogging as a work. You are passionate about blogging and that's why you have started it. Don't take the pressure of a quantity of the post rather focus on a quality of the post. Earlier I was considering posting each week, but now I am thinking only 2 posts in a month and giving different content to my reader

3. Give a makeover to your blog/website

Finally, I have changed the theme of my blog successfully and gave a new look to it. You will get plenty of free themes as well. It depends on what type of theme you prefer. I have also updated the plugins and now I will try to focus on analytics of the blog.

4. Set a schedule and stay consistent in blogging

Why set a schedule? The schedule will help you to stay focus on the blog. Before you go to bed take your diary and note down what you are going to do tomorrow. Note down Each and every task. Suppose you have a list of things.
  1. Share a picture on Instagram.
  2. write a tweet and share on twitter.
  3. Note down ideas for a new post.
So even if its small task you should note down. That way you will not miss any task.

5. Clear all pending work

Once you have to update your blog look, go to control panel and check where you left? I mean, check the pending comments, approve if they are suitable and spam the rest of it. Go the pages and posts and update as required. Ultimately, clear your all backlogs and start from fresh.

6. Write ultimate comeback post

You might want to share with your reader where have you been? It's not necessary that you just want to jump on some topic to write about. You can share your feelings with your reader and it can be helpful to them to stay motivated. It's OK to take a break from your work. When I was writing my comeback post I was thinking what should I write and I realize I should share my experience and encourage others to do what they love to do.

7. Share on social media and stay visible  

Now, as you are coming back share on your social media so you readers know you are back to blogging and they can get to read your articles once again. Let them know your plans and how you will be executing them. 

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Saturday, October 01, 2016

Product review of Teaveli Early Grey Jasmine Green Tea

I am not a big fan of black tea, but I love green tea. I like basic green tea as well as other enhanced flavor comes in green tea. First time I had tried Jasmine tea in a Japanese restaurant. I was not sure how it would taste? But when they served the tea aroma itself was so amazing. That aroma of Jasmine promotes a sense of calm. Due to the scent I felt positive vibes and the taste was amazing. I thought this tea will be bitter, but it wasn't. I had enjoyed drinking it.

Besides the aroma and flavor Jasmine tea provides many health benefits as well. The major health benefits of jasmine tea is it reduces the risk of heart attacks and help prevent diabetes. Some research shows it also helps prevent Cancer and help improving digestive process. The green tea is very famous for lowering cholesterol control and advised by doctors as well.

I am a big fan of green tea. I usually take morning walk and then make my green tea. Every morning I sit on the patio and enjoy sipping my green tea. Regular green tea doesn't have any fragrance, so I was looking for green tea with all regular benefits plus great aroma. I found Teaveli Jasmine Green tea and I was excited to try. I had Jasmine tea in one of the Japanese restaurants and I liked it. So I decided to try this tea.

I love the resealable packaging, it keeps your tea fresh. I like that this tea made from only three ingredients green tea, Jasmine Flowers and Bergamot Extracts. They also mention packaging details:- packaging date, best date till this tea stays fresh. This package contains 100 gms tea and it is 100% pure & unblended Indian tea. I love the aroma of Jasmine Flowers, it makes my day refreshing. 
You will see the directions to make tea as well. I was amazed that just 1 tsp is enough for 1 cup of tea. I had just added 1 tsp tea in boiling water and let it boil for 3 minutes, then strain it and your tea is ready. 

I got this product for free in exchange of my honest and unbiased review, but I am not bound to write a positive review. All opinions are 100% my own. You can check this product on amazon Click here

Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday, September 23, 2016

Review of #Maxam™ 309pc Poker Chip Set in Aluminum Case Set

As winter approaches, outdoor activities are not possible to enjoy. Although you can enjoy all the snow sports, but I am not much of a snow person. I would like to enjoy indoor activities rather than freezing outside. So I generally organize a game night, which includes different type of poker and card games. I love organizing poker night on new year's eve. It is a great celebration idea and you can spend time with family and friends. The poker is a great game because many people can play it together.

This set includes 300 Poker chips, 5 Dice, 2 decks of cards and 1 dealer marker. The 300 poker chips consist of 100 white, 50 green, 50 black, 50 blue and 50 red chips. There is no money wage indicated on any chips, So you can decide your own wages for different color chips. As white colored chips are more I would prefer to set them at minimum value may be $1 or $10. I really like the quality of poker chips and it all looks like professional finishing.
One of the best things about MAXAM poker set is it comes with aluminium case, so you don't have to worry about loosing any chip or dice. It also comes with lock and key mechanism, so ultimately its kids safe. When this poker set is not in use, just lock the case and secure the key. I can't wait to organize a poker night at my home. I am so excited to use this set.
Today, when someone asks if you play poker, they generally mean Texas Hold ‘Em – a game that’s become increasingly popular over the past decade thanks to the World Series of Poker and movies like “Rounders.”

But there are many versions and variations of poker, the main types being stud, draw and community card games. Let me give you some overview of different types of poker.


  1. Texas Hold ‘Em
  2. Omaha
  3. 7-Card Stud
  4. 5-Card Draw
  5. High / Low Chicago
  6. Follow the Queen
Texas Hold ‘Em
This game is played in the World Series of Poker. The Texas Hold ‘Em is the most popular poker game in America today. I love playing this game at home with my friends easy to understand and easy to explain others as well. In Texas Hold ‘Em game players deal two “pocket” then wait for 5 community cards to be revealed. In this game
Betting takes place in four rounds. 1st betting is after the hole cards are dealt. 2nd betting is after the first three community cards are revealed (referred to as “the flop”). 3rd betting is after the fourth community card is revealed (“the turn”) and lastly, after the fifth community card is flipped (“the river”). Players must make their best hands with any combination of 5 cards (their hole cards and the communal).

This game is all about the strategy and how confident you play. There are different types of hands you can make Royal flush is the highest possible hand you can make. This set can be a great gift for poker lovers. I also like like this set for game night and poker party for sure. You can check out this product on Amazon through this link. Maxam™ 309pc Poker Chip Set in Aluminum Case Set

I have received this product for free in exchange of my honest opinion. All opinions are my own. All pictures posted here are taken by me.

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Review of ULG Women's handbag clutch wallet for wedding and party

Even though I am travel blogger, I always wanted to be a fashion aficionado. Being a girl, I had always an eye for beautiful accessories. Whether it's a cute top, accessories, or a functional handbag. I always lookout for that unique piece! Being a travel blogger, I always look for the price and functionality of a product. Lately I visited few big cities and islands and during my visits to high end restaurants and gala dinners I realized the need for party wear clutch. 

Since I lost my clutch last month, I was looking for a clutch which is suitable for every evening event. I wanted to buy clutch which I can use in wedding as well as dinner parties. 

Recently, I came across ULG women's handbags and absolutely fell in love with it. They have a really pretty collection for wedding and party ware clutches. But of all the wonderful handbags and wallets, the 7.5" ULG handbag really stole the show because it's shiny and really pop up with party wear dress. As a travel blogger I always concern about the size because I travel frequently, I want clutch which is easy to carry and lightweight. 

While choosing wallet/ clutch I have to consider following things :-

1. Looks attractive 
2. Easy to carry
3. My phone should fit in clutch
4. Small pocket for credit cards 
5. Light weight
6. It should able to carry few makeup accenssials 
7. Suitable for every style of clothes

First off, this vintage style clutch comes in 3 party style colors; gold, silver and black. The gold and silver are shiny and beautiful that it is absolutely irresistible. It features 3 interior compartments, including a zipper pouch between two compartments. The clutch seems small but it is big enough to carry cellphone, cash, credit cards, lipstick and eyeliner as well.

Made from rhinestones and stainless steel. It is lightweight, smooth surface to the touch, and just the right size to for the party!
These can be great birthday or anniversary gift for your love. Check out this product on Amazon through this link

Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hiking at Charlie's bunion in Great Smokey Mountain National Park

The moment we decide the trip to the Great Smokey Mountain for Memorial Day long weekend I had started searching where we can go and what to explore. When I saw pictures of the view you can see from Charlie's Bunion, I have decided to do hiking on the Appalachian Trail till Charlie's Bunion. Before planning your hiking trip get all your required gears for hiking as its gonna be a 8 mile round trip. You can check my post on hiking essential

How to get there

  1. Enter the address for the Newfound gap parking area in your GPS. Exact address is Newfound Gap Parking Area, Bryson City, NC 28713
  2. Follow Newfound Gap road, you will see signs for a parking lot.
  3. They have a huge parking lot, but it gets full, as this place is famous among hikers and travelers for an incredible view. 

Must follow tips for Hiking at Charlie's Bunion

  1. Comfortable, sturdy and good grip Hiking Shoes as hiking path is rocky.
  2. Carry hiking bag, so you can keep all your required essentials. If you are hiking in a group than share the bag so that you don't have to carry it all the way alone.
  3. At least 2 Bottle water and Energy Drink.
  4. As this hike will take minimum 4-5 hours depend on your speed carry required food such as fruits, protein bars or sandwiches.
  5. This trail is rocky and inclined so those who are not comfortable with it do think twice before hike this trail.

Charlie's Bunion

For Charlie's Bunion you have to park your car at the Newfound Gap Parking area. You will get a nice view from the parking lot itself. Those who don't want to hike, they can enjoy the view from a parking lot. And those who are planning to hike, get ready and gear up with all your hiking essentials. I would advise you to use the restrooms at the starting point because you will not get restroom facility until you reach to shelter, which is about 3 miles.

Newfound gap parking lot

This trail called "Appalachian Trail". This trail also continues beyond "Charlie's Bunion" so keep checking the signs. Some times they wrote "A.T" on the sign board. 

Charlie's Bunion has 4 mile hiking one way, so around 2.7 miles are stiff uphill and 1.3 miles are downhill. Hiking trail has rocks and uneven surface so be careful while walking on the trail. This trail has made on the edge of the mountain which means it's hilly and slant. In the rainy season this trail might get slippery so be careful. Instead of focusing to finish this trail faster, focus on hiking safely. There is no doubt, you will get to see the stunning view of mountains and valley. You can see in a picture posted here. 

Sitting at Charlie's Bunion

I had never seen such an incredible view from the mountain. As this place was at a higher altitude you can see clouds cover the view every now and then.