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Diet Plan for week 1

We are just initiating our diet so I don’t want to start with a very intense diet but for the first week, we are going to change our eating habits. I am also suggesting a few changes in your routine. I have shared What to change before you jump to a diet plan. I am vegetarian so in my diet plan, you will find lots of veggies. If you are eating meat then you can replace Tofu and Paneer with your choice of meat. For those who want to follow the same vegetarian diet,, but don’t know how to cook. Don’t worry I will be sharing recipes one by one. If you have any question you can add in the comment below or email me at

Besides diet plan drink warm water first thing in the morning. Drink 2 liters of water per day. If you don’t like plain water then go for infused water. Also, introduce green tea in your routine. I know you might don’t like the taste of green tea. Gradually you will start liking it. Start with one cup per day not too much. You can go up to 3 cups per…

White pants are a must have in your wardrobe

I hope you have joined me in my weight loss journey and following my tips. I know you are waiting for a diet plan and believe me, I am working on it very hard. Soon I will be posting a diet plan, but before that let’s talk about Fashion. ThIs weekend I have decided to go for a drive, but was confused what to wear. It was little cold, so I wanted to wear something which keeps me warm yet look stylish too. I was going through my closet and found white pants. By looking at white pants I realized I haven’t share my favorite fashion style with you.

The best thing about white pants is it can go with any color. You can wear with white top or any dark or bright color top. Though I love the combination of white and black but you can pair it with any color. No matter if it’s a top or a shirt. You can pair it with shirt which can be half tucked. The white pants are in fashion all year long no matter which season it is. In the fall you can pair it with boots and a cardigan. In spring pair it wit…

Motherhood in real life

I was almost disappeared for two years and you must be thinking why? Ok so I love blogging so much and you guys know that. But sometimes in life you have to change your priorities. I wanted to concentrate on my pregnancy and my baby so I have to trade off the time from somewhere. Although I was active on social media on and off but was not getting enough time to write a blog post.

Those who feels that you stay busy until you deliver the baby, they are wrong. Actual work start after you deliver the baby. Those feeding routines, sleepless nights, house chores etc. No matter how much hard work you put in to it there will be very few people who really appreciate it. Rest of the people thinks it’s mom’s job to take care of the baby and you are just doing your duty. It’s frustrating right?

All moms out there I know how it feels and I have been there so don’t worry. If you feel frustrating just take out your frustration. Take a break for few hours from your feeding and cooking routine. Ask …

Before you jump on a diet plan

I have already discussed truth behind weight loss journey. Now it’s time to work towards our weight loss goal. Before we jump on diet and workouts, make your goal realistic. Don’t think you will loose 5 pounds in one month because few people has lost. Every body is different and some thing works on someone might not work for you. The weight loss journey should be steady no mattter if you start slow but staying consistent is very important.

There are few rules before we start
Don’t skip meal because staying hungry won’t help you.Staying active is must.Say bye bye to lazy life.Stop overeating and emotional eating.Stay focused  I am regular human being just like you. Hence directly jumping on diet is quite difficult for me. I have decided before I follow any meal plan I have to do some changes in my routine and introduce new habits for healthy life.
These are the changes which required before you jump on diet plan. Portion control :- I you haven’t heard about portion plate then you will k…

Review of Hotels Etc Travel membership club

As your family grows the expenses on your balance sheet keeps adding and it makes your travel budget limited. All travelers will agree with me on this. I was in the same boat and looking for options to save money so that I can accomplish my travel goals. There is only one option to save money while traveling, which is if you get in discount deals. For traveling cost you have to count accommodation, car rental, gas, flight ticket, entry fees of attraction, activities etc. As you keep adding your budget goes through the roof.

With all the research I realized if you book wisely, you will able to get cheaper prices. That's where I found Hotels Etc Travel membership program. Generally, on travel membership programs you find hotels, flight, and car rentals. Hotels Etc. is a membership-based program that provides members with up to 80% off travel, entertainment, and recreation. Enjoy discounts on Hotels, Vacations, Cruises, Restaurants, golf, theme parks, movies, recreation and much mor…

Fashion tips to make you look slimmer

In the previous article, we already talked about losing weight is a difficult task and truth behind it.
During this weight loss journey, we cannot avoid social events, dinner dates, and hang out with friends. We have to do something to look good right? Hence until we reach the desired weight goal we can focus on our dressing style. Today, I will share some of the tips which I have been following.
1. Big no no to skin fit dresses and tops The skin fit clothes will obviously show the curvy shape and those extra pounds lying on your body. This also includes skin tight party dresses as well. Even if the clothes show your belly fat while you are sitting then avoid them. 2. Go for little loose fitting and flare dresses Generally, flare dresses are in the fitting till waist and then it has a flare which can hide your belly fat very easily. You will find the same style in tops. Especially for parties flare dresses are the perfect option for you.

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