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Friday, May 27, 2016

Beach essentials

After long 6 months of cold weather I was so excited to enjoy the sunny weather. The beach is my favorite spot to spend weekends in summer. I live in the Midwest and it known as Great Lakes area so we have plenty of lakes, beaches and water activities. So let's get ready, gather your beach essentials and head to the beach in this summer.

Things you should carry on your trip to the beach

10 Beach Essentials 

1. Beach Tote

Why beach tote, not just purse? Because beach tote will be used to carry all your beach essentials. Choose your beach tote big enough so that you can put everything in one place and no hassle of carrying number of bags. Make sure your beach tote has a little secret pocket in which you can keep your cell phone, cards and money.

2. Beach Towel

Best thing to do on beach is spread your beach towel on the sand, lay down and enjoy sunbathing. You can also use a picnic blanket instead, but personally I like to use my soft beach towel. It gives nice soft sand massage.

3. Swimwear

Why people use swim wear and not regular clothes? You can swim in regular clothes, but it gets sticky and take time to dry out. Swim wear is made up of such a material which dry out quickly. So it doesn't make you feel wet and sticky.

4. Coverup

After enjoying swimming at the beach I like to lay down and enjoy a sun bath. Sometimes over exposure of skin cause itching and dryness. I prefer using cover-up on my swim suit, so less itchiness.

Have fun at the beach

5.Flip flops 

I am too picky with my shoes and you very well know that salty water can ruin your perfect pairs. So the best way is to wear your flip flops instead of any fancy shoes. Even if it gets wet you don't have to worry about it. Flip flops are lightweight and goes with any outfit.

6. Sun glasses & Hat

Summer and sunglasses go along no matter you are going to beach or mountains. Personally I prefere sunglasses which protect against UV rays as well.

"Beat the heat"

Hat & sunglasses 

7. Hair accessories 

I personally prefer to tie my hair for water activities. It's better to tie your hair up or make a bun so that your hair don't get damage. It depends on type of hair but salty water and moisture in weather can cause damage. Keep comb and at least two rubber bands in case you lost one.

8. Sunscreen lotion

Do remember whenever you go to beach use the sunscreen lotion which has 50 or more SPF. And also look for a lotion who give Sun and water barrier. It means even you swim in water, it helps to protect your skin and doesn't wash it off with water.

9. Water

As weather heat up, it's important to stay hydrated. Mostly all beaches have at least one small cafe where you get basic things like water and some snacks, but I always prefer to carry with me if in case you don't get there or they are out of stock.

10. Snacks

You can have ready made snacks like chips, popcorn or protein bars, etc. If you are planning to spend a whole day there, then you can take homemade lunch like sandwich or pasta, which can be eaten even its cold. If you are planning your trip with kids than better to carry enough food with you.

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