Free Weekly Meal Plan

Preparing a weekly meal plan is my second resolution for this year. This resolution indirectly helps to stay healthy and eat a delicious home-cooked meal. It makes it easy to create a shopping list for groceries as well. There are two benefits of this one you can set your budget to control overspending and reduce the food waste. I use to give the lunch box to my husband, but from the last two years, I couldn't. Hence, this year it's time to get back to the old routine.

The most challenging question is what to cook? Once you know the answer, it will take less time to cook actually. Besides this, you also want to make sure the meal is healthy. I always prefer to make it from scratch. Producing a weekly meal plan is a great way to start a healthy lifestyle and lose some weight.

Weekly Meal Plan  In our house, we don't make just one meal. We usually cook twice a day Lunch and Dinner. As you know, more you cook more utensils. Ultimately, it increases the work of chopping veggi…

New year resolution back to blogging

After having a baby I find it difficult to take out time so that I can keep this blog up and running. You know how I love blogging, but with all the mom responsibilities I don’t get enough time to write. Every time I try to come back with a full swing I am able to post a few articles and then I get disappear. I know my lovely readers get frustrated about not getting updated regularly. But if you are a mom then you will totally understand my situation. My baby doesn’t go to daycare so I am the one who is taking care of him 24/7. That means I will be cooking, cleaning, feeding and playing with him till he is up. And let me tell you he is so active then I thought. These things keep me busy the whole day and at the end of the day when he Goes to sleep, I don't have any energy left. I get super tired and exhausted by the end of the day.

New year resolution back to blogging For the year 2020, I have made a resolution back to blogging. And I am writing very 1st post to make an announcemen…

Review of TriNova Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

I have been so busy lately and found it difficult to balance my life with blogging work and household chores. As you know household chores never end. Everyday same routine of cooking, cleaning and do the dishes keeps me busy and don’t get enough time for my blog as well. Since I want to save my time I have decided to start a meal prep on weekends, so I can save my time from cooking dinners from scratch. But what about cleaning? Keep the kitchen clean and hygienic is very important for our health. Hence I was looking for a good cleaner which removes the stains from my stainless steel appliances easily without scrubbing too much. As you know, you get fingerprints easily on stainless steel, hence I want to keep my kitchen clean and shiny.

Luckily, there is a wide selection of cleaners available in the market to get the cleaning easier. But choosing the right one is really necessary. Today I am sharing my experience of TriNova Stainless Cleaner & Polish.
TriNova Stainless Steel Clean…

Gujarati Toor Dal recipe

We all know lentils and legumes are great sources of protein and iron. One day on social media one of my friend had posted about iron deficiency. She asked others how they manage the amount of iron intake on a daily basis. Instead of taking supplements, she wanted to include iron-rich food in her daily diet. That's when I decide to share my regular Gujarati Toor Dal recipe. I am born and brought up in Gujarat one of the states in India. Traditionally in my house every day 6 things are prepared for lunch. The lunch menu is like Roti (Indian Bread), dry vegetable sabzi, Toor Dal, Rice, Salad and Papad. The only variation you will see in the vegetable sabzi, the rest of the dishes remains the same. Even in my house, I follow the same tradition, but I have cut off on rice and wheat so consume little less than usual. For those who are looking for an iron-rich recipe do try this Gujarati Toor Dal Recipe.

Toor Dal (Split Pigeon Pea) Toor Dal is a major source of protein for us and widel…

Does anxiety really affect our traveling?

Traveling is my passion and I have really enjoyed all my trips. To accomplish my 2019 travel goals I was noting down places to visit. I also have to check out my budget so I don’t go broke at the end of my trip right? I got a casual message through social media and the person really like all my traveling posts and he was asking if I have any anxiety. I was not able to answer him because I never thought about it before. Then I asked him about his anxiety. From the conversation I have realized How people will able to manage traveling with anxiety? That is when I decided to create a blog post on Does anxiety really affect our traveling?

 What is Anxiety? Anxiety is one type of mental disorder. When you have an excess feeling of worry or fear it cause anxiety. Does anxiety really affect our traveling? I will start with my anxiety. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t know about my anxiety until one of my followers had asked me. After that, I realized I am afraid of being alone. I have a fear t…

Starved rock state park

Hi, guys after creating 10 national parks to enjoy summer one of my friends suggested to create a post for state parks and other less famous parks so today I am creating a post for the Starved Rock state park. It might famous and known to hikers, but not for all.

Even I didn't know about this park until one of our friends planned to visit and then I google it about this place and I came to know these are voted as number#1 attraction in the state of Illinois.

Did someone say they love canyons and waterfalls? Oh, then Starved rock state park is the perfect place for you. The starved rock state park is situated at the Illinois river bank. 

How to get there

Chicago o'hare international airport is the nearest airport from the Starved Rock state park, it takes approx 1 hour and 45 mins to get there but still, time will vary according to traffic. 

Another option is Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport or Dane County regional airport are the other two airports which quite near …

Best Places to view Fall colors

It's time to say bye-bye to summer and give a warm welcome to fall and upcoming winter. I know it's hard to say bye to summer, but with a cold breeze, fall brings a lot of colors into life. When I was in India I had seen the fall colors only on TV. I was feeling it's animation or computer graphics, but when I moved to the United States, I realized it's really true beauty that God created with colors.

Today I am going to share my 10 favorite places to see fall colors. So get ready to spend your fall weekends with your loved once by viewing lovely colors and hot coffee.

1. Door County, Wisconsin 
October 2nd and 3rd week is the best time to visit Door county to view fall colors. I would suggest to find out the dates for a fall festival in egg harbor, Door county and visit at that time. They have food, fun, music, and lovely stalls to explore.

2. Smoky mountain 
I feel the Smoky mountain national park is the place to visit in all season. It has great hiking trails, zip l…