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Seattle is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the west side of USA. Seattle is considered as "IT" hub in the USA and home of "Boeing" and "Microsoft".

Seattle is best place for nature lovers. It surrounded by mountains, valleys and lakes around it. You can find water sports like kayaking, sailing etc. 

If you are not interested in downtown and crowded areas like pubs than you can take scenic drive of few hours in any direction and you will find place to relax and enjoy scenic views. You can take almost 1hr 45mins drive to south you can explore Mt Rainier. If you drive 2hr n 40mins to west you can explore Olympic national park. If you drive almost 3hr to north you can explore San Juan Island or 1hr to Whidbey Island and deception pass. If you drive 2 n half hr to east you can explore Wenatchee national forest and and another 2hr for Chelan.

View of Seattle from ferry
How to get there?
Sea-Tac airport is international airport and connected to all major destination so it will easy to reach there.

You can take Bus / Shuttle/ Taxi/Link Light Rail to reach hotel. If you are alone or just 2 person than taxi would be costly. If you don't have bulk of luggage than i would suggest you to take bus or link light rail.

Tip to explore Seattle

  • If you are first time visitor and you don't like getting wet than either check weather before you go out or Keep rain coat or umbrella with you because it can rain anytime no matter which season.
  • If you are going to stay outside downtown than take bus to go downtown instead of car so you don't have to worry about parking
  • If you taking public transit than keep the change $2.25 and $2.50 for fare or you can take orca card and recharge it if you are going to stay longer .

Places to visit in Seattle

There is number of places you can visit in the Seattle like museums and waterfront parks etc.
Most famous attractions are:-

Seattle Space Needle
Space needle situated at Seattle center. It is the place from where you can view the meeting point of land and water as well as you can see beautiful mountains touching to the sky. If you visiting Seattle than must visit these place. You can enjoy the food at skycity restaurant which is situated in Seattle space Needle. You can buy your tickets through Spaceneedle tickets so that you don’t have to wait in long queue. Daily ticket cost around $19 depends on visitors age. They have plenty of options so you can take a look through given link.
You can go to Seattle Centre by Bus, taxi or Monorail. 

Seattle Space Needle

There is few other attractions at Seattle Center near Space Needle. Those are Pacific Science Center, Chihuly Garden and Glass, EMP Museum and Seattle Children's Museum.  

Seattle Great Wheel & water Front Park

Seattle Great wheel is another major source from which you can have amazing view of nature. Its exciting huge Great wheel which gives you a ride for about 10 mins and you can see 360 degree view where one side is city and other side nature. This Great wheel is situated at the edge of water Front Park. You can buy ticket from the given link Greatwheel tickets

In water Front Park you can sit and enjoy cold breeze and sun rays together. You can view beautiful sun rays dropping on water and reflecting. There is beautiful sunset view where you can feel sun is just falling in to the water.

Seattle Great Wheel

Water front Park

Pike place market

It is local market of Seattle. This market is one of the oldest make of USA. You will find fresh seasoned fruits and vegetables also craft items in the market. Also bunch of fresh flavors in different colors and aroma. Freshly baked foods with different cuisines and flavors. You can explore specialty food too. It is place for craft & food lovers. For seafood lovers these is best place.

Of course one of the great attraction is Starbucks 1st outlet but i also like La Panier french bakery croissants and Piroshky - Piroshky Russian bakery. Turkish Delight offer delicious baklava.

There are number of places where you can eat in pike place market .

Pike place public market

Catching and throwing fish

Hammering man

The Seattle Arts Commission installed Hammering Man on September 12, 1992 at the entrance to the downtown Seattle Art Museum at First Avenue and University Streets. The size of the hammering man is 48' x 30" x 7". It is hollow-fabricated with steel with moving arm where electric motor had installed and painted with black automotive.

Hammering man


Monorail is one of the different transportation which gives different experience of traveling few feet above the land. The tracks of monorail are mounted on pillar. In Seattle Monorail starts from Westlake Center and ends at Seattle Centre. Monorail departs approximately every 10 minutes. It takes hardly 5 minutes to travel from one station to other station. There is facility for prepaid pass as well as prepaid tickets for groups. You can check out this link Monorail It works all day except Thanksgiving and Christmas day.


1912 Starbucks coffee shop

It is the place from where Starbucks originated. It is located near Pike place public market. And most of the time you find these place crowded. 

Seattle aquarium

The Seattle aquarium is 9th largest aquarium in the U.S. It opened in 1977.  The Aquarium’s animal collection is housed within six different categories: Window on Washington Waters, Life on the Edge, Pacific Coral Reef, Birds & Shores, the Underwater Dome and Marine Mammals.

There are different events held in aquarium. Even camps & family programs also organized. You can get the fees details from this site. They also provide city pass and other combo offers. seattle aquarium

Pacific science center

Pacific center is situated near space needle. Pacific Science Center is committed to advancing the public's understanding of science and contributing to the development of a scientifically literate society through programming for people of all ages. Pacific Science Center offers a wide spectrum of event options. They have IMAX Theater, Laser Dome, Planetarium, Live science stage. 

Pacific science center
Seattle Art Museum

This museum is known as SAM. There five different type of programs organized by SAM Public, Teen, Family, Community and school programs. ADULT PUBLIC PROGRAMS represent the Museum’s interest in providing compelling activities in conjunction with the permanent collection and special exhibitions at all three SAM locations. You can get further details from the given site seattle art museum

Seattle art museum
From Kerry Park and Gas work park you can view Seattle skyline. Alki beach park is one of the famous and crowded beach. And last but not the least huge Washington Lake.

View from Gas work park

View from Kerry park
Alki beach

Washington Lake

If you love kayaking than these is the place where you should be. Its a huge lake and you will see lot of yachts, boats and kayaks floating around. You can rent kayaks from any where you want but i like to rent it from university of Washington because it accessible by bus and car both and rate is also reasonable. This place is just back side of husky's stadium canoe-boat-rentals. You need to show your ID and as far as i remember they don't rent after 7 pm so if you want to explore for longer than reach round 5pm would be best.

Washington lake

cherry blossom at University of Washington 
There are many other places which you can visit are:-
  • Woodland park zoo
  • Seattle Asian art museum 
  • EMP sound museum
  • Golden gardens park
  • Olympic sculpture park
Museum of Flight

Except downtown museums another famous one is Flight Museum. This museum is located near I-5 on the way from Seattle to Tacoma. You can take bus/Taxi/car. You can take 124 bus from downtown and get down outside the museum. You can tell driver prior so he/she will let you know when stop comes. If you are really interested in air & space collection than you need at least one whole day to explore this museum. 

Black bird in flight museum


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    That view of the city skyline from Kerry Park is wonderful!

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