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Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is a one of the US national parks located in Washington state on the Olympic Peninsula.
This park is one of the incredible nature place and also attracts lots of hikers every year. It has lake, forest, campaign grounds, river as well as the coastal line.

 The park has four different regions:- (1) The Pacific coastline, (2) Alpine areas, (3) temperate rain forest west side and (4) Drier east side forest

Places marked in green color are different points located in the park which gives amazing views as well as provide recreational area for different activities.

It is advisable that before you visit the Olympic national park make sure about the weather conditions and accessibility of the park because it's too cold and snowy in winter so make sure roads are clear and the weather is good enough to explore the park. May times park ranger found natural accidents like landslide, tree fall etc. so be careful while you visit the park.

Generally for 3 months in summer all the viewpoints and recreational areas are open, But in winter its getting cold due to snowfall in the park, many places are not accessible.

There are different ways to get in the Olympic national park.You can drive till Olympic park or you can take the ferry in between some point and get a break from your drive. There are ferries from Seattle to Bainbridge Island, Coupeville to Port Townsend and many more.

View of Seattle from Bain bridge ferry

If you are driving through Port Townsend then I would suggest you to visit the U.S. coast guard in Port Townsend which gives a really nice view of Pacific coastline.

Paper mill near US coastgaurd

Pacific Ocean

Ocean View
There are some local restaurants and cafes if you are interested to enjoy a local taste in Port Townsend.
Now when you go to Olympic National Park first go to the visitor center and ask about the accessibility of the park area and get the map of Olympic National Park, which will give you route information for all viewpoints and recreational area.

US101 highway is going around the whole Olympic national park and then you have different different subways to reach different points.

Olympic national park map in detail

On the way to Hurricane Ridge

Elwha Valley

Elwha River

Madison Fall

Lake crescent


  1. Nice photos Urvi! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Looks absolutely incredible! I would love to go one day.