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Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier is an icon in the Washington state landscape. This Mountain is 14410 feet above sea level. Mount Rainier is an active Volcano and is the most glaciated peak in the USA. Mount Rainier is covered with the snow which indicates snowy winter in area. It is advisable to check road status and accessibility of Mount Rainier National Park roads before planning. And also before making any plans check current status of campground, trails and activities.

How to get there?

You can take flight to Seattle (Washington) or Portland (Oregon) and rent a car from the airport and drive to Mt Rainier. Seattle to Mt Rainier is almost 65 miles and takes 1hr 45mins. Portland to Mt Rainier is almost 140 miles and takes 2 n half hr.

Tip to explore

  • As name itself saying its mountain so you have to be ready for hiking on sloppy ways. So wear comfortable shoes. Don't wear flip flops at all.
  • Keep water bottle and granola bar if you heading for hiking.
  • You can get food in visitor center only no other food stalls. so bring your food and beverages if you don't want to spend much time in visitor center. 
  • It would be preferable to visit June to August. If snow is heavy than all roads are not open until June.

Places to visit in Mount Rainier National Park

These map you will get from the visitor center.

Detail map of Mount Rainier National Park

When you start from the entry gate you will get Map and there will be indicated points. And also on the way to paradise point you will get different different view points which will give spectacular view of nature and snow covered mountains.

Mount Rainier
Here you can see different Glacier, all are beautiful but these will require hiking to reach each glacier. If you are hiker than you don't have to worry about it

Different Glacier of Mount Rainier
On the way to paradise visitor center first view point will be Christine falls view point

Christine falls

The Carbon, Puyallup, Mowich,Nisqually and Cowlitz rivers begin at eponymous glaciers of Mount Rainier. The sources of the white river are Winthrop, Emmons and Fryingpan Glaciers.

Visitor center of Mount Rainier


  1. Beautiful photos! I've never been here, but now I'm adding it to my list! =)


  2. Beautiful photos! We went to Mount Ranier (The Mountain to all of us in Western WA) every spring and summer. It was always a fun family day with picnics, visiting Paradise, playing in the snow, and stopping at that small cafe for some of their delicious pie.

  3. Wow this looks beautiful! I love waterfalls, so I am adding this to my list of places to travel!

  4. This looks so pretty! I definitely need to visit there!

  5. Your photographs make it look beautiful. Im still working my way around all the US states (have done 30+ so far) but this is one that is towards the top of my list Thanks for sharing