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Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017

Product review of Gonex Hiking Backpack

It has been already one month to spring and weather is improving day by day. Some days rain storm swamp you in the little cold though but so far spring is pretty good though. I know you have already started your hiking plans and may be many of you have done your first hiking in warm weather. Hence, I decided to share my product review of "Gonex Hiking Backpack".

Features of Gonex Hiking Backpack

Yesterday I was talking about memorial long weekend plans and we were planning for hiking. I was checking my hiking preparation list and realize I haven't shared my Gonex Polar Hiking Backpack. I love the size of the bag 53 x 32 x 24 cm. This bag has Water-resistant nylon & polyester fabrics and comes with a high-quality Rain Cover. It has single contoured aluminum frame bar and it can be adjusted to fit the shape of your back. This bag also has padded internal pouch with an adjustable strap in the main compartment for your laptop or tablet. It also comes with limited Lifetime Warranty. I love the color options this vendor offers.

The material of the bag is great. It has 3 compartments. The bigger compartment has laptop pocket as well So you can carry your electronic devices like iPad or laptop. The other two compartments are small but enough to carry your hiking essentials. Besides main 3 compartments, It has four pockets, two for water bottles on the side of a bag and other two are on the waist strap. These four pockets will help you to keep things handy. I always carry a water bottle, Energy drink, and granola bars on my hiking trip and this bag are perfect to fulfill all my needs. It has two chained pockets on the waist strap so I don't have to open my bag to get my granola bars. I can keep that in those pocket.

I love that it comes with rain cover, so no worries in any weather. This bag can be a great gift for travelers and hikers. It's all in one backpack.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Why do I fall in Love with cafes?

When I was back in India Cafe or rather I say the coffee shop was mostly hangout place with the friends. I never went alone to the coffee shop and sat there for hours when I was in India. I moved to the United States in 2013 and so excited to explore the new country. This was the first time I was going to stay for a longer period of time in any country. I was in Seattle back then So you can imagine Starbucks outlets everywhere. I saw many people coming to the cafe with their laptops and books. They take coffee and sit there for hours. I was so curious to know what they do with that?

Why do I fall in Love with cafes?

When I started blogging I was so immature writer and was just writing for my hobby but not a consistent writer. That hobby changed my way of thinking about blogging and gradually I became obsessed with writing an article. Everything changed from last year. I had bought my domain and started my travel blog "Urvi's Travel Journal". My dedication to writing realized me that cafe provides you great atmosphere to write. When you go to the cafe you can see people and you get to see the outside world as well. Ultimately you are getting out of the house which makes you feel much better. I love seeing those smiling face that gives me the motivation to write. You know what I get more ideas about the article when I sit in the cafe and sipping my coffee.

Since Last year I have started concentrating on my blog, I get used to going the cafe and write an article. I was so amazed by my productivity. I was able to write more than one article which includes picture editing and labeling as well. I will definitely agree that cafe has some magical factor which increases the productivity. I think the lively factor, smell of coffee and people around you encourage to work hard.

If you haven't tried yet then at least you should give it a try. Before you go to coffee shop list out the work you have to do so that you don't have to wonder what I will do once you reach there. It's not just blogger work but may be social media work, writing an assignment, drawing etc. It will be fun having peaceful time alone for yourself even though people around you.

Enjoy Blogging

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Recipe of the week Veggie Pesto Pasta

As the weather is getting warmer I am trying to spend more time outdoor. My most of the time spend after cooking and cleaning so I am trying to come up with the easy and quick recipe. That will help me to reduce time with cooking but I also want to eat healthy food. Hence, for April month recipe of the week Veggie Pesto Pasta.

Normally Pasta is known as Italian dish but people incorporating their own taste in those pasta dishes. Pasta comes in different shapes and sizes. Nowadays you will find pasta made up of whole wheat and multi-grain as well. These kinds of pasta considered more healthy than traditional pasta. There are people who make their past at home but you will also find the variety of pasta in stores.

The good thing about pasta is it doesn't have any flavor. Hence. you can add your spices and make it spicy or sweet. I generally like my meal spicy so I add black pepper and chili flakes in my Italian dishes. One of the best thing which I like about pasta dishes is that it will take less time and easy to prep meal. Suppose if you have already boiled pasta with you then add the pasta sauce and meal is ready. Especially when you have the guests are coming over, you can prepare ahead of time. Just Boil your pasta, drain, and refrigerate. You can also make pasta sauce at home or buy ready made. when your guest arrives just mix all together and microwave until it gets hot and your meal is ready. Isn't it quick and easy for any party or get together?

Recipe of the week Veggie Pesto Pasta

I have used spaghetti pasta in my recipe but you can use whichever you like. According to the type of pasta, cooking time will vary. I have used store bought Pesto Sauce but you can make your own at home. I have added bell pepper, onions, and olive but you can also add broccoli, carrots and other colored bell peppers.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

Best 15 apps a Blogger must have

Everyone wants to take out more with less time and effort. Finally, I have listed out best apps for bloggers to increase productivity. Why should I use apps? You cannot take your laptop everywhere. Instead of the laptop smartphones, iPad and tablet are easy and handy to use. They are light in weight so you can even carry while traveling. Apps will allow bloggers to blog from anywhere anytime. There are plenty of apps which help you write better and track their website and social media stats.

1. Wordpress / Blogger

This is the basic app you should download, depends on which platform you are using. You can read, write and publish your article from anywhere using this app. You can also check comments and note down your blog post ideas directly to the dashboard. 

2. Social Media app (Instagram, Twitter etc.)

The social media marketing plays a huge role in the success of any business. It's better to have all social media apps handy. I keep Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook on all my devices. These makes easy to share anything on social media and you can share stuff with your readers every now and then. 

3. Evernote

The Evernote is my all time favorite app. These will be the best app for on the go writing because you can write it offline as well. You don't need an internet connection to work with this app. You can list all blog post idea and create a document. It is also easy to add a picture and write the blog post in article format. New updated Evernote app also allows to record audio, make a sketch and attach a file.

4. Dragon Dictation

The Dragon Dictation will give huge relief with the typing pain. This is a revolution in writing world because you don't have to type anymore. It records your voice and once you click done it will translate it to text. You can directly use this text either to publish on facebook and twitter or send as SMS and email. 

5. Planner Pro

The Planner Pro app is just like your Planner but in the digital version. Hence, no worries about carrying your planner diary everywhere. This planner stays in your pocket and you can add any event, task, and notes anywhere. It will also work as a reminder so you don't have to check every time in your diary. 

6. Canva

The Canva is a perfect app to create any kind of design for social media images, brochures, and blog graphics. It has predesigned layouts and if you don't like any of them, then you can create your own. It allows you to upload your own pictures and edit them with different filters. If you don't want to pick predesigned template then you can customize the size, text, frame every single thing.  

7. SocialPilot

The SocialPilot is a post scheduling app for a social media. Now with the use of SocialPilot, you can schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest, Tumbler, VK, Xing. The free plan allows any three social media platform to connect with it. For Facebook post scheduling, you can do it from the Facebook app. Hence try to add other three accounts in SocialPilot. 

8. Google Analytics

After all this writing and marketing work, we need to check does it really pay off? Configure google analytics with your blog by setting up an account. Once the account has been set up, you can track your blog traffic, page views, unique visitors etc on the go. It also gives the detailed analysis of country wise visitors and the specific city as well. This is the best analytic tool. 

9. Google Drive

You must be thinking why you need google drive. The Google drive is best sharing space for all the documents. You can upload all required pictures, write ups and documents in google drive and access that information from anywhere. You don't have to carry hard disk, pen drive or any external device. Just log in to your google drive account and use it.

10. Crowdfire 

I was using this app to find my un-followers and non-followers for Instagram and Twitter. As Instagram had updated their privacy policy this app doesn't show un-followers for Instagram but it still works for twitter. They provide daily prescription which helps to increase your followers and now you can add your Pinterest and facebook account as well.


If you have blogged for a while then you must be knowing many people play follow - unfollow game to gain followers on their social media. If you don't know this game then let me tell you in simple words. They follow you first and once you follow back, they unfollow you. This app will let you know your unfollowers and followers on your Instagram account.

12. MailerLite

The MailerLite is free E-mail marketing service till 2000 subscribers. You can track your subscribers from the app itself. You can design E-mail and send to your subscribers anytime. They also provide facility to schedule your E-mail with a customized template. 

13. Pocket

The Pocket is an app to store things which you want to view later. Suppose you are reading an article and you got few ideas for your blog and you want to use it for reference. Hence, add this article into the pocket, to view whenever you get time. 

14. Google Translate

Google Translate is a life saver when comes to deal with different languages. Sometimes when you want to explain the regional word in English this app can help you a lot. It offers translate options in more than 20 languages. 

15. PhotoCollage

The PhotoCollage is the fun app to play with the pictures. It has a lot of options to choose from different styles of the grid. You can add frame, text, stickers and much more. This is a great app to make picture collage for your blog.