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Friday, March 03, 2017

Free Printable Daily Planner for Bloggers 2017

In my comeback post, I have briefly explained the steps for how to get back to blogging after a long break. If you have missed it, you can check the article at Tips for getting back to blogging after a long break. Hence, I decided to share key thing which I am following to get my blog up and running.

Why I have decided to create my own Planner?

I hope you guys remember that I talked about scheduling and stay consistent. Everyone has their own scheduling style. Some people maintain Diary and note everything in it. Nowadays, even blog planners are becoming more famous. As I am getting back to my blogging,  I was searching for a good planner. I had searched so many sites and realize that my requirements are different than what they offer. Hence, I decided to design my own planner.

How I have created my Own Planner?

Before I go to print my version, I bought college ruled 1-subject notebook. I decided to do trial and error method and find out which type of planner works for me and what things I want to add. Now blogging is not just about writing articles. We also have to concentrate on social media marketing and earn the followers. To achieve that I wanted had to record my social media stats and Social media engagement goals.

Blog Planner Format 

Click here to Download

  1. First of all, we need a calendar to schedule anything either it's blog related or something else. So, I started adding each month on an individual page, which helped me to line up the plan in advance.
  2. Secondly, set goals for each month to make it easy to measure your progress and you can divide the yearly goal into small parts. Those goals can be two types, one is blog related and other can be social media stats. Ultimately, both are for the blog, but social media stats will be measured in numbers.
  3. Third and last page, I have created for daily activities log. I generally prepare my to-do list the previous night before I go to bed. Hence, I can start my day right away nothing gets missed out. You can also do time allotment and save time.

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