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Friday, February 10, 2017

Tips to getting back to blogging after a long break

I have been enjoying holidays and taking the vacation to give time to myself. Sometimes I just want to stay alone and think about my past and future. Taking a vacation is good to find yourself. So finally I am getting back to blogging after a long break. Last week when I was checking my blog's control panel I realize I had written the last post in October 2016. Hence, I sat back and decided my 2017 goals for life and decided to start writing again. The big question for me was from where should I start? Hence, I decided to start from the "Tips to getting back to blogging after a long break".

Tips to getting back to blogging after a long break

Before you directly jump on writing an article take a moment and think. Think about in which direction you want to take your blog. I would advise you to follow the steps given below.

1. Decide your goals.

All bloggers and writers have their own goal. Generally, I set goals for the individual year, that way you can stay on track. Your set of goals helps you stay motivated as well. There is no specific time to set goals. I know people say you should set your goals from the day one of January but it's not necessary. In our language, we have motivation thought "Morning starts the moment you woke up." Hence, write your goals in your daily task book and get aboard. 

2. Stay Motivated

Don't think blogging as a work. You are passionate about blogging and that's why you have started it. Don't take the pressure of a quantity of the post rather focus on a quality of the post. Earlier I was considering posting each week, but now I am thinking only 2 posts in a month and giving different content to my reader

3. Give a makeover to your blog/website

Finally, I have changed the theme of my blog successfully and gave a new look to it. You will get plenty of free themes as well. It depends on what type of theme you prefer. I have also updated the plugins and now I will try to focus on analytics of the blog.

4. Set a schedule and stay consistent in blogging

Why set a schedule? The schedule will help you to stay focus on the blog. Before you go to bed take your diary and note down what you are going to do tomorrow. Note down Each and every task. Suppose you have a list of things.
  1. Share a picture on Instagram.
  2. write a tweet and share on twitter.
  3. Note down ideas for a new post.
So even if its small task you should note down. That way you will not miss any task.

5. Clear all pending work

Once you have to update your blog look, go to control panel and check where you left? I mean, check the pending comments, approve if they are suitable and spam the rest of it. Go the pages and posts and update as required. Ultimately, clear your all backlogs and start from fresh.

6. Write ultimate comeback post

You might want to share with your reader where have you been? It's not necessary that you just want to jump on some topic to write about. You can share your feelings with your reader and it can be helpful to them to stay motivated. It's OK to take a break from your work. When I was writing my comeback post I was thinking what should I write and I realize I should share my experience and encourage others to do what they love to do.

7. Share on social media and stay visible  

Now, as you are coming back share on your social media so you readers know you are back to blogging and they can get to read your articles once again. Let them know your plans and how you will be executing them. 


  1. Curious. Did you lose any subscribers after your break or did you send out an email saying you were going on vacation?

    1. No I didn't send out an email. Luckily I haven't loose any subscriber as well, may be because I was active on my social media. I had keep posting on my all social media at least once a week and that helped me.

  2. These are all really good ideas on how to make the transition back to blogging after a break. Staying consistent can sometimes get hard with life getting in the way! Refocusing and considering your blogging goals is a really important one and I find that helps keep me engaged.

  3. Taking a break can be a good thing because it gives you some distance from blogging and a chance to try new things.