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Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

The Royal Gorge Bridge is America's highest suspension Bridge.This bridge has supported only at two ends. The Royal Gorge is actually the name of the canyon and this bridge built over that canyon that's why its called Royal Gorge Bridge. This Breathtaking view from the bridge are mind blowing. It is situated on the Arkansas river in the canon city. They do have Gondola and Zip line as well. So you can have a great view of the Bridge.

View of Royal Gorge Bridge

How to get there

For Canon City, Denver International Airport and Colorado Spring Airport are the nearest airports. The Denver Airport is international airport, You will get easy access to this airport from major countries through flight. Sometimes ticket to Denver airport will be slight cheaper than than a Colorado Springs airport, and you can rent a car and head to Colorado Springs.  It will be around 2 and half hour drive from Denver airport. And approx 1 hour 20 mins drive from Colorado Springs airport.

From airport to the rental, you will get shuttle service provided by rentals or public transportation and cabs.

Tip to explore Royal Gorge Bridge and Park
  • Most important tip you can face any weather in Colorado Spring at any time so be ready. we had seen heavy snow in April.
  • At least spare 2 to 3 hours to spend at the park.
  • If you are planning for White water rafting than do advance booking and plan accordingly to spend enough time.
  • As usual, get water,drinks and food so you don't have to stay hungry.
  • As this park is at a higher elevation, so the temperature will be different than ground level temperature.

Royal Gorge Bridge Park

This park is open year around even on holidays. The main attraction of this park is the Royal Gorge Bridge, which you can see in the picture.  This bridge, built on 956 feet above the Arkansas river in Colorado Springs. Elevation is 6700 feet. It gives breathtaking views which I cannot explain in words. Even drive to Royal Gorge park is also beautiful. You can enjoy some of the adventurous and fun activities such as Miniature train, Water clock, Plaza theater & Historical expo, Royal rush sky-coaster, Zip line and Gondola.

Royal Gorge bridge

Bridge entrance

Canyon view

Entry fees of the park is $23/adults and $17/Children 4 to 11. This ticket includes Gondola ride and train ride as well. These Gondola will glide 2200 feet across the bridge and 1200 feet above the Arkansas river. When we visited this park, the train was not in service, so we didn't get a chance to explore through train.

Gondola ride
I am not sure you are able to see the river or not. Between too high rising rocks you can see a thin line of little bit blue color that is the river. There are plenty of companies provide White water rafting in that river, so you can enjoy views of the bridge from the river too.

View of Arkansas River

You will fall in love with this place, that's for sure. I really amazed by the engineering used for the construction of this bridge.

Incredible view isn't it?


  1. Wow this seems like an awesome place to go! I might have to make a trip the next time I'm in Denver :)

    1. Ya it's just 2 and half hour drive and you can do white water rafting at canon city.

  2. What a great find! I travel to Denver each year for work, and I'm definitely bookmarking this for the next time.

    1. You are so lucky you get chance every year

  3. Great places! I would love to visit sometime. I am not a great lover of travelling but its indeed great feeling to travel.

    1. Once you start traveling you will love it

  4. Although I may not have the courage to step on those high bridges (afraid of heights here LOL), I personally want to give it a shot considering how stunning these places are.. the View of Arkansas River was just superb to me!
    Thanks for sharing ^_^

    1. I can understand initially I was scared but it was so much fun.