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Pikes Peak Mountain

Pikes Peak America’s Mountain is at an elevation of 14,115 feet. It has 19 miles highway around the mountain and between the clouds to reach to the Peak. With an altitude of 14,115 feet above sea level, it ranks 31st in elevation among Colorado’s 54 “Fourteeners”.

Pikes Peak offers amazing hiking experience with breathtaking views. When we visited Pikes Peak it was snowing and I and my husband were 1st visitor to reach at the entrance. We waited 20 mins because the crew was removing snow and clearing roads. But it was worth waiting. I would advise you to visit this place both in winter and summer. The view was incredible.

Entrance gate at Pikes Peak

There are plenty of activities which you can do like Picnicking, Fishing and Hiking. There are three lakes for fishing, which opens from May to October.
There are two ways to visit Pikes Peak either you can drive through car or you can take a train for Pikes Peak. The Choice is yours. We did both and it was so much fun.

How to get there

Denver International Airport and Colorado Spring Airport are the nearest airports for Pikes Peak. Denver Airport is international airport, You will get easy access to this airport from major countries through flight. Sometimes ticket to Denver airport will be slight cheaper than Colorado spring's airport. And you can rent a car and head to Colorado Spring. 
The drive will be around 1 and half hour from Denver airport and 45 mins from Colorado Spring airport. From airport to the rental you will get shuttle service provided by rentals.

Tip to explore Pikes Peak
  • Most important tip you can face any weather in Colorado Spring at any time so be ready. we had seen heavy snow in April.
  • Make your itinerary first and then book a hotel nearby your attractions so you don't have to drive back and forth and waste time.
  • Wear proper shoes which comfortable to walk. 
  • If you are planning for hiking than wear shorts or comfortable bottoms for a safety. 
  • As usual, get water,drinks and food so you don't have to stay hungry. You can eat your lunch at the picnic area so you don't have to come out of the park. They also have a gift shop where you can get coffee and some snack packets.
Points to visit in Pikes Peak

On Pikes Peak entrance they will charge depends on how many persons are there in a car. They also give you you a map, which shows marks of points and miles. Generally, after each mile they have marked, so you can identify how far you reached. They have 20 different spots to explore which includes parks and lakes. Almost all points have parking facilities.
Very 1st point which you should not miss so stop by at camera point and start your journey with the amazing view from the 8220 feet height.

There are four picnic areas on the way to Pikes Peak. It starts with Crowe Gulch at 8540 feet high than the Crystal reservoir visitor center with cafeteria at 9160 feet than Halfway Picnic grounds at 9930 feet and last is Glen Cove. Beside these there are no picnic table arrangements at other points.

Crowe Gluch picnic area
After Crove Gluch we saw sign of Big foot crossing. I am not sure big foot is still present in this area, but better to be safe and keep eyes on the road.

Big foot xing
The crystal reservoir visitor center, Glen Cove and Summit have first aid facility as well. Summit is the last point of Pikes Peak. Crystal reservoir is nice, big and relaxing place. After driving zig zag 6 miles these can be a great place for coffee break and enjoy the view of the lake. Although when we have visited Pikes Peak snow was just stopped, so we saw snow covered all over the trees and mountains, but it was beautiful view no doubt in that.

Crystal reservoir visitor center
There are three lakes, Crystal, South Catamount and North Catamount, which are great spots for fishing lovers.

Crystal lake

Besides different designed spots drive to Pikes peak is also amazing and dangerous too. So be careful out there. Drive slow and safe would be advisable. 
Snowy drive

Can you see the tiny house in the below pic? If yes, than what you think this person is lucky or unlucky in your opinion. Would love to know your answers.

Tiny house among the mountains


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