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Garden of Gods

We heard a lot about the Colorado. The Colorado is the most scenic state in the USA. So our 3 day trip to Colorado was very tight on schedule. We took a flight to Denver Airport and used rental car for the whole trip. The Garden of Gods was the very 1st destination of our trip.

When I started writing this post, 1st time I felt I didn't have words to describe what I had seen. So very difficult to write rather than to show you photographs. :-) :-) 

In the Garden of Gods park you can see red rock formations created during a geological upheaval along a natural fault line million years ago. There are more than 13 types of rock formation and they had given name to all of them. If you like nature and hiking on trails than you will love this place.

How to get there

The Denver International Airport and Colorado Springs Airport are the nearest airports for Garden of Gods. The Denver Airport is international airport, so you will get easy access to this airport from major countries through flight. Sometimes ticket to Denver airport will be slight cheaper than the Colorado Springs airport. And you can rent a car and head to Colorado Spring. The drive will be around 1 hour 15 mins from Denver airport and 25 mins from Colorado Spring airport. From airport to the rental you will get shuttle service provided by rentals.

Tip to explore Garden of Gods
  • Most important tip you can face any weather in Colorado Springs at any time so be ready. We had seen heavy snow in April.
  • Make your itinerary first and then a book hotel near by your attractions so you don't have to drive back and forth and waste time.
  • Wear proper shoes which comfortable to walk.
  • Get a rental car from the airport if you are flying that will be convenient. 
  • If you are planning for hiking then wear shorts or comfortable bottoms for a safety. 
  • If you are planning to stone climbing get all your gear.
  • As usual, get water,drinks and food so you don't have to stay hungry. You can eat your lunch at the picnic area so you don't have to come out.
Points to visit in Garden of Gods:-

Colorado Springs has a lot to offer. Specially Scenic drives, Historic Landmark, Rock formations and mountains. If you are confuse to make your plan, then you can order the Colorado vacation guide. Its free of charge, but it takes time to reach so best to order before 2-3 weeks.

Garden of the Gods park (gog)

This park is free. You can see amazing rock formations at Garden of the Gods. First, go to the visitor center and grab a map and they also have a short movie on how the rock formation occurred and don't forget to check out the view from the terrace of the visitor center and take a glimpse of the park or else you will regret. :-) :-). They also have a cafeteria if in case you need snacks or anything. Camping is not permitted in this park and rock climbing needs special permission. If you like hiking than I would suggest you to spare a minimum half day, otherwise full day to explore hiking trails and all the rock formation.

View from Visitor center terrace 

Garden of God map

Major roads in the park have one way and people will be walking on the trail so be careful while driving and park has designated parking spots so better to park in one parking lot and walk around hiking trail and cover as much as you can.

Statue at Visitor center

It would be great if you follow the path indicated as in the map so you can cover all the rock formations one by one. So very first is the Tower of Babel you can park in the parking lot near it. Walk down through the Tower of Babel, Kissing Camel, Signature rock and North Gateway rock. On the other side you can see the White rock.

Kissing camel

White rock

On the same trail when you walk further you can see Sentinel rock and south gateway rock. You can might see some people doing rock climbing. Rock climbing is only one adventure, which I have a fear of so I am not trying anyway.

South gateway rock

Same trail leads you to the Cathedral rock, Sleeping giant and Keyhole window. These will be long trail, so maybe you can take a break at intervals. You might not get bench to sit, but you can sit on the ground that's fine. You can also see Pulpit rock and three graces.

Three graces

So after watching an amazing rock formation you can take a break. Don't even think to go back because still you have to visit few outstanding creatures. So get back to your car and head to Scotsman rock. It has parking and picnic tables, so you can have your food. They have washroom facilities so get fresh, sit and relax. The next stop will be Siamese twins.You can keep parked your car in the same parking lot or you can take it to the next parking area. The distance is almost same.

Pikes peak view from Siamese twins

Siamese twins

And last but not the least are Balanced rock, Steamboat rock and Toad and toadstool rock. Balanced rock is amazing to see. I was so curious to identify how it stands. The Picture itself will amaze you.

Balanced Rock

Steam Boat rock


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! And your post is very detailed. Thanks for putting all this info together -- it takes a lot of work!

    1. Thanks Suzette. Wanted to share my great experience

  2. I never heard of this place! It's nice to know about this, thank you for sharing! :)

    1. There are many hidden places in Colorado. Glade to share it