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Chicago is most popular city in the Midwest of US.

The name of the city "Chicago" came from a Native American word "Shikaakwa" means "wild onion". Chicago offers full package of excitement, energy, Adventure and endless fun. There are a number of places which gives you an amazing and breathtaking view of the city. You can explore the river and vintage architecture of Chicago. There are plenty of options to try different cuisines or you can enjoy night life if you want.

You are visiting Chicago either for business or for pleasure, You will find so many activities to do like shopping, waterfront dining, hotels and accommodation. You can also enjoy live performance shows of music, opera or comedy.

How to get there

By Air

Chicago o'hare international airport is most busiest and well known airport in the world.You will get easy access to this airport from major countries through flight.

From airport to the Hotel you will get either shuttle service provided by the hotel or public transportation and cabs.

By Road

Chicago is connected to I-90 and I-94 So easily accessible. You can drive from Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana or Ohio. I heard many people take a long road trip from Tenseness, New York and Washington DC as well.

By Rail

Chicago is connected to Amtrak as well. You will get trains from New York, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Train journey takes between 1 to 20 hours depending on from where you are traveling. Sometimes train ticket cost you more than a flight. So keep checking the deals.

Tip to explore Chicago

  • Wear proper shoes which comfortable to walk.
  • As there is no parking spot at each and every place do prefer public transportation, cab, walking or biking.
  • If you are coming outside from Chicago and planning to cover all points in one trip than I would advise spare at least 2-3 days to enjoy all places. 

Places to visit in Chicago:-

Millennium Park

Millennium Park opened back in 2004. It covers 24 acres of space in Chicago downtown. It is the largest public space and most popular attraction of Chicago. It offers stunning public art, free live music and in winter even skating rink. There are plenty activities to do in Millennium park.

Some important spots to see in the park are:-

  • Boeing galleries:- North and South outdoor galleries serves as an open air exhibition space for art and sculpture.
  • BP Bridge :- It is designed by Frank Gehry. It connects Millennium park with Daley Bicentennial Plaza.
  • Cloud Gate:- This is park's most popular landmark. This 110 ton elliptical polished steel sculpture by Anish Kapoor. Reflections seen in this sculpture create nice fun moments which make you laugh.
  • Crown fountain:- This fountain designed by Jaume Plensa. Two 50 foot tall glass block towers face each other between a shallow reflecting pool. 

Navy Pier

Navy pier is top visited landmark in the Midwest.  Navy pier offers everything you want, whether you are an art lover or shopping bee. It offers amazing rides which make your head right round. You can enjoy guided boat tour as well as boat tour followed by lunch or dinner. If you don't like boat tour then, you have a number of restaurants and game zones where you can compete with your friends and have fun.

Outdoor rides at Navy pier:-

  • Ferris wheel
Ferris Wheel

Lake and the navy pier view from Ferris wheel

Downtown view from Ferris wheel

  • Wave swinger

Wave swinger
  • Carousel
  • The links mini golf
  • Remote control boats
  • Light tower ride
You can buy tickets online so you don't have to stand in line for tickets. You can buy individual tickets for each ride and also group tickets are available.
In navy pier you also have

  • Crystal gardens:-  It is biggest indoor garden I have ever seen. This is a botanical garden, which covers one acre space.  
Flowers in crystal garden

  • Polk bros park:- Chicago's legendary family had gifted this park to Navy pier. This park spearheaded in 13 acre land. It provides open space for picnics, fun activities, concert or cultural programs etc.
  • Amazing Chicago's fun house maze :- This is the ultimate fun which you are looking for. Kids will love maze games.
  • Chicago children's museum :- This is the best place for all age kids. Its just like a playground for them. Paint, shew, sketch, sculpt or role play, they can do whatever they want.
  • Chicago Shakespeare theater :- This theater known for sparkling productions that reflects Shakespeare's genius for storytelling, language and empathy for the human condition. 
  • Navy Pier IMAX theater :- Navy Pier IMAX Theater have six story screen with elegant digital surround sound.
  • Landshark beer garden :- For beer lovers great location, great view with amazing beer.
  • Pepsi skyline stage:- It is the perfect place to enjoy open air performances of music, theater and comedy. This place is best in summer, you can enjoy the cold breeze of lake, view of the Chicago skyline and obviously great performance by different artists.
You can explore Chicago's rich history; famous architecture and of course an amazing skyline through boat tour. The architecture boat tour will give you the chance to know about different constructions done in Chicago downtown, which includes a Trump tower and the new Post office building are greatest architecture among all.

Willis Tower (Sears tower)

The Willis tower is also known as Sears tower. The Willis tower is a 110 story building in Chicago downtown. In 1969 Sears Roebuck & company was largest retailer in the world. It has about 350k employees. They decided that company needed central office space for these many employees. So the company hired three architects Skidmore, Owings and Merrill to design a building which can fulfill all requirements, and it's become one of the largest office building in the world.

View of Chicago downtown from the sky deck

They open observatory deck which is also known as Skydeck on the 103rd floor, 1353 feet . You can buy tickets online or maybe buy a city pass or Fast pass.

You might have visited other high rise buildings in other cities as well, but this one offer you a different experience, because you will get thrilled when you see there is no land underneath and you are standing in the air when you step out on Ledge's glass box which extended 4.3 feet from the building. Which give you great experience.

Lake Michigan from Sky deck

Shedd Aquarium 

Shedd aquarium is gift to Chicago city by John G Shedd. The nonprofit Shedd Aquarium Society was founded on Feb 1, 1924. Shedd aquarium combines the best of early 20th century characteristics with 21st century touch.


John Hancock Center (360 degree Chicago)

John Hancock center observatory is also called 360 degree Chicago. You will get a magnificent view of Chicago all around. I would suggest you to visit this observatory around sunset time, so you can get a day time view as well as night time view where you can see beautiful lighting of Chicago.

Lake side view

Downtown view

Adler Planetarium

If you are in love with space and science than these is a perfect place for you. This place attracts younger to older everyone enjoy learning about science. I would advise at least spare half a day and if you have enough time than spare one day. They have different shows regarding solar system; earth,moon & sun; Telescope observation etc. It also have cafe where you can get refreshment.


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