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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Evening out with friends at TopGolf

As spring has started, I love to explore new places. Chicago is a Windy City so you cannot expect all day will be warm spring day, but maybe some of. Last Saturday we all friends decided to play golf, although none of us is professional golf player. But still we wanted to play for fun. So we were searching for the miniature golf place around Milwaukee, than my husband suggested TOPGOLF. He had been there once. As I never heard about it, I had started surfing on the Internet to look details for TOPGOLF.

The best thing of TOPGOLF is you don't need to be a professional golfer. Anyone can try their skills and learn how to play? isn't it amazing? I always wanted to play Golf but didn't  get a chance to learn, but this evening my wish came true. 

We went to Wood dale, Chicago, but there are many locations all over the US. You can find the nearest one over here Topgolf locations

Finest thing is TOPGOLF opens till 2am on Friday and Saturday. All locations have different timings so make sure to cross check. They have two types of game pricing one is per game price or Bulk buy specials. As we were eight friends so we decide to go for bulk buy. And also it has four types of the card system.

Guest playing Card:-  $5 (no game credits and free club rental)
Adult playing Card:- $35 ($48 game credits and free club rental)
Senior & student playing Card:- $20 ($25 game credits and free club rental)
Junior playing Card:- $15 ($20 game credits and free club rental)

They have Score screen at each golf station where you can see your each ball counting, score and how far it went if it gets in the hole. Each ball have chip and from this chip monitor identifies and gives the score.

Initially we all were focusing on hitting the ball ultimately and I missed it many times though. But once we started scoring every one got intense to increase the score. I must say, It was an amazing and addictive game. We got a chance to play on second level, it got a great view of the field. You can also order drinks and food while playing, so that was more fun.

I would love to play miniature Golf now. I hope I can try other locations as well. Have you tried miniature Golf? Which one is your favorite ? Can't wait to try new places for miniature golf ?


  1. That looks like a fun place to practice your golf skills. I love golf, but I'm not the best player.

  2. I have never played golf before but if I did want to give it a try, those prices like entirely reasonable.

  3. Oh my gosh, it's been ages since I've played any golf! One of my favorite things in high school gym class was when we got to play at the driving range. Such a great way to blow off steam!

  4. Good for you, finally one of your dream came true. I really want to try one someday.