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Monday, February 15, 2016

Checklist for planning international trip

I am traveling to India next week. So I am excited for my trip, but I want to make sure I carry all required things. So I made a checklist. Traveling abroad is fun, but if everything planned well and no end moment surprises. Check out my International trip checklist to make your trip memorable.

1. Check your Passport 

You will think what to check in passport right? Most important thing is expiration date of passport. In some country when you apply for a visa, your passport should valid for at least six months, otherwise your visa will not get approved. So better check the expiration date and if it gets expired than apply for renewal. The renewal of passport will take 5-15 days. 

2. Necessary visa

Do check out the visa procedures. In some countries they have on arrival visa, so you don't have to apply earlier. But even though it's on arrival visa, do check which documents you have to carry. In some country you have to apply for a visa before you reach there. So find out visa procedures and make the necessary arrangements.

3. Travel documents

You might be using electronic gadget to keep all your documents in one place, but you never know when it fails. I would suggest you to get printouts of all required documents. Also get a copy of your passport and visa, because by mistake if you lost your passport than these copies will help you to get the new one.

4. Embassy and emergency details

You have to prepare a list of contact details. Find out embassy details of your country, in case you need to contact them. If you need help than whom to contact with? Also list out some home country contact details and keep this list with you all the time.

5. First aid box

Prepare first aid box at home with basic medicine and other medical supplies. Take a light weight small bag for the first aid box. Keep medicines for cold, flue, sore throat, headache, pain killers, etc. Also don't forget to take cotton, antiseptic, bandage, scissor. If you have any medical condition than get your medicine in advance, and also keep the doctor's prescription with you.

6. Travel insurance 

There are different type of Travel insurances. It depends how much coverage you want. Some travel insurance intended to cover your medical expenses as well as lost luggage, trip cancellation and flight accident. It depends on you how much coverage you want. Be sure to take travel insurance which includes medical expenses. 

7. Prepare your finances

First step for financial planning is finding out the currency of the destination country and conversation rate. Now decide which form of payment you will use cash, credit card, check etc. If you are planning to use Credit card then inform your bank about your trip. Because if bank sees foreign transaction without notice than might suspend the transaction or freeze your card.

8. Get knowledge of local language 

Find out the language spoken in the destination country. Try to learn basic phrases used there, like "good morning", "hi", "thank you" etc. If you are staying longer than you can buy books or dictionary to learn the language. 

9. Local map

The GPS and navigation system will be great, but network and wifi are crucial. So better to keep a map handy. You can buy city map or all in one map book. It will help you to find out direction and also easy to ask someone about the place. 

10. Packing smart

Don't just dump everything in your bag. Check out the weather and living conditions. Choose proper attire according to weather and the activities you will do. Also avoid unnecessary stuff and don't required that way you can keep your luggage weight under the limit.

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  1. Hmm.. I never really packed a first aid kit but do always carry around two band-aids in my wallet. I like the local map recommendation. Not only is it good for when you don't have service but you can draw and take notes on it making it a good souvenir after your trip.