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Friday, October 16, 2015

Top 10 things to do when it's raining outside

Me and my husband are rain lovers. We moved to States before two and half year. We moved to Seattle so you can imagine you should love rain anyway. As we love rain we enjoyed staying in Seattle so much.  I know many people don't like to go outside during its raining and some like us loves to get wet. So I thought to share my experience of how to enjoy even if it's raining outside.

1. Long drive

Long drive is my all time favorite activity. I love that rain drops splashing on your windshield and trying to touch you. I feel Wet road, drive and playing soft music is best romantic moment anyone can thought on rainy day. Isn't it?

2. Enjoy Hot coffee at your patio

If the weather is cold than you might don't want to get wet but still want to enjoy rain, definitely you can. You can stand at you patio or balcony and watch rain drops falling on ground. I love watching rain drops and having hot coffee. As I stay in apartment there is big sliding window in our living room. So generally we take coffee and sit on couch so we can see beautiful views of rainfall.

3. Watch movie 

In our busy life sometimes you don't get time to watch movies and tv series. So in rainy day you can say back and enjoy your favorite movies which you were planning to watch since long time. 

4. Candle light dinner 

Personally I feel rain create very romantic atmosphere. So I really like to organize candle light dinner. Set up the table near big window or in patio. You can also do it in sun room from where you can see rainfall. Light up the candle and put it in the center. Cook meal which takes less time and spend more time together. You can cook soup and past,vehicles is very quick.

5. Gather family and play board games

Do you love board games? So do I. Playing board games is great activity specially with kids. You can also gather friends and play board games. You can play monopoly, The whole brain game, checkers etc.

6. Go out in rain and play

I really love playing football and basketball in rain. It's so much fun. Splashing water with your football nothing else can make you happier.

7. Enjoy spicy popcorn 

I love eating hot and spicy food in rainy weather, at the same time I feel lazy to cooking. So I generally pop up the corns in microwave or just fry the potato fries. To make it spicy I use flavored powder like jalapeƱos, chilly cheese, black pepper etc. so your spicy snack will be ready in few mins. Now I really feel carving for pop corn.

8. Go for indoor activities like bowling, pool, snooker

As you spend whole summer enjoying sun but in rainfall no options for outside activities much. So find out nearest bowling ale or game zone. You can practice indoor archery as well.

9. Bake some delicious recipes 

It's totally your choice what you want to bake? I love baking some dessert recipes as am found of sweet dishes. I love making sponge cake and brownies so much. But my husband loves cupcakes and cookies. There so many varieties where you can brush up your baking skills.

10. Photography 

I love doing photography anytime in any season. I love capturing moments. Even though I am out for long drive than also my photography is still on. You should too. You don't need to be perfect photographer, just grab your phone and capture it.

Rainy evening

Drive in rain

What you would like to do while its raining?


  1. I love curling up on the couch and watching movies when it's raining. Board games with the family sound like another great idea. My kids love to play outside in the rain in the summer too.

  2. I love rainy days , can stay home watch movies and read books :) Just like to enjoy the beauty of autumn rain

  3. I love when it rains and I especially love watching movies or playing a game when it's raining too. We have a lot of games that we play.

  4. We puddle with our Wellies:) That is the best day

  5. I like to read and sip coffee on rainy days. Maybe play with the grandkids if they are over.

  6. I love watching movies in the rain - and I like your idea of board games with the kids. Lovely photos

  7. My couch and comfort food, with a good book or movies. That's my idea of how to spend a rainy day. :)

  8. We love to watch movies and play board games when it's raining outside. Reading a book is also a great idea.

  9. My husband and I love rain.. Feel so comfy at home, relax and kinda romantic!

  10. I LOVE sitting by the windows and watching the rain with my son!

  11. I try to catch up on my reading or sometimes sleep, lol. But hot chocolate and movies are also my favorites when it's raining.

  12. Hehehe I live in WNY so this is the stuff we do all winter long! We are big in movies and games!

  13. I love sitting on the couch and reading while it's raining out. The sound of the rain is very peaceful while I read.

  14. Watching movies or sports on TV or online, snuggled up together on the couch - those are our normal rainy (or snowy) weather activities.

  15. Enjoy hot chocolate and watch movies with hubby :) Though I'd love to go out in rain too *wink kinda missing that :D