Elkhart Lake - The Racing town

You must heard about road America racing in Sheboygan county. If not, then don't worry, you got plenty of reason to explore this town. These time my trip was unplanned almost. I was very excited to view fall colors and that too in Wisconsin as I heard that fall in Wisconsin is a lot of fun. I searched so many places to view fall colors. Than I check fall color report of Wisconsin. Wisconsin tourism have their own website Wisconsin fall color report. So I found out the places for hiking with 100% fall colors. But then on Thursday night weather channel exploded with whole day temperatures in 30s, and I was not quite ready for winter yet. So since Friday morning I started exploring where to go on Saturday. And I found out ELKHART lake town.

Elkhart Lake

How to get there?

You can land on any of three airports Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay. You can take a rental car from airport rentals and head to the Elkhart Lake.

Tips to explore Elkhart Lake

  1. If you are going to explore fall colors than do check the fall color report and then plan your trip.
  2. If you are living in a nearby city than you can do a one day trip easily.
  3. Check the weather and decide your attire accordingly.
  4. In Wisconsin many of the attractions open from Memorial Day to Labor Day so check out before making your itinerary.

Things to do in Elkhart Lake

This is a small town with a bunch of things to do in and around it. This town is famous for road America racing. There are many recreational activities you can do on Lake Elkhart. As I mentioned earlier, it was roughly planned trip so we decided to go visitor center first, but unfortunately it was closed on that day. But they kept some of brochures besides the building so we got from there.

Visitor center Elkhart lake

You can see Elkhart Lake historic depot museum just across the street. It is century old railroad station house and they kept original furnishings.

Elkhart Lake, historic depot museum

After that we decided to take a walk and explore the town. There are nice shops and dining options nearby. We started walking on Lake street it was very nice view of the street. Both sides of the road covered with colorful trees.

Elkhart lake

There is Gessert's ice cream & confectionery, which is old fashioned ice cream parlor running since 1920s. They offer more than 20 flavors not only that, they also serves Sunday's, ice cream soda and fudge. The Presentation itself is mouth watering. So don't miss to try it. 

Gessert's ice cream & confectionery 

There is ample of options to select for lunch /dinner. They have Lake street cafe on the same lake street. Lake street cafe is famous for wood fired pizza and home made soups.

Lake street cafe

Across the lake street cafe you can see off the rail in red building. Off the rail offers specialty coffee and tea drinks as well as home made baked goods. 

Off the rail

If you follow gottfried street than you will find Gina's fine gifts and framing shop just next to off the rain restaurant. This shop carries an eclectic collection of wonderful things from bath & body products to home decor. It also includes apparel and toys as well. They offers custom framing with highest quality as well. I love the collection of these shop.

Gina's fine gifts & framing

Still we are taking walk and I saw brings orange leaves on tree. I was hopping to see and capture at least one tree with orange leaves. I don't know why but I love orange leaves. So I immediately walk there and trying to get the perfect snap. 

Orange leaves

So we decided to turn back from that place. My husband having fast. So he hasn't eaten anything and suddenly I saw the SainRx organic juice bar. Juice is the best drink to make you feel full. The lady who runs these juice bar is Dr. Grace Hameiter. She is very nice and friendly. We were looking at menu and checking ingredients because my husband can have fruit juice only no vegetables allowed in fast. So she suggested us to go to pick your own. So we decided to go for it. While she was making juice she share her experience and great moments. I love her picture wall as well. 

Sain Rx organic juice bar

The best thing of these juice bar is 100% organic corn free, GMO free, dairy free, gluten free and very low sugar juice. She also offers fresh organic produce,grab n go salads. Isn't it great? So even on vacation at Elkhart lake you can stay healthy. Not only that, but she also specializes in weight management and fitness programs and pain reduction. Besides all these she is the great human being. I was so pleased to meet her.

Dr. Grace suggested us to visit road America racing event and Vintage wine shop. Earlier, when we stop by at the visitor center I saw many people were carrying paper bags and I was wondering what they are buying? Than I come to know they have been to the vintage wine shop. It carries more than 250 wines around the world. They also carry local cheese, olive oils, chocolate, cigars and other stuff. Wine tasting is much more fun in Wisconsin. If you are living outside Wisconsin than must must try to attend wine tasting. 

Our last stop was road America racing Do you love racing?? So do I. In summer road America racing have lots of racing events. You can pre-purchase your tickets for it. They have different gates to enter so verify it so you don't have to roam around to find gate. Besides these racing event Village of Elkhart lake have historic race circuits. Fourteen historic markers are placed around these winding circuits to commemorate big names and big events that occurred here between 1950 and 1952.


  1. That really does sound like a nice place to visit. I would love to go there someday.

  2. This place looks so cool. I cool spend a while here.

  3. What a nice town to spend an afternoon in! I would love to visit this with my girls and just spend the entire day here.

  4. My In-laws are up at that racetrack every weekend during the summer. They volunteer and love it!

  5. What a quaint looking place, one for a nice quiet weekend!

  6. sounds like a nice place to visit. Very peaceful and i love small town

  7. I know pretty much nothing about Wisconsin or racing, but that town looks like a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love exploring new places. I am adding this to my list. Thank you.

  9. must be a lovely place. i love the autumn colors :)

  10. Looks like a nice place to visit. I love exploring new places thanks for sharing

  11. Elkhart lake sounds like a wonderful place to visit. I would love to go there someday.

  12. Such a wonderful and peaceful place to stay this fall season! My hubby would love this place.

  13. This looks like a place that I would totally visit and I just love organic juice bars. There is one in Brooklyn where I used to live and every time I go back I always make sure to go there.

  14. What a beautiful little town! I would definitely hit up that juice bar it sounds great!

  15. What a beautiful little town. I totally want to go there now!

  16. What a quain town - I would love to visit. Your photography is lovely. That orange tree is just magnificent - thannk you for sharing

  17. Reminds me of a little town here in RI that does a Columbus day festival.

  18. That looks so beautiful! I love the photography!

  19. This seems like a beautiful place to visit!

  20. Looks beautiful, looks like a great place to visit.

  21. Looks like a quaint little town - and the foliage is just as beautiful there as it is here in Maine!

  22. Awesome photos you have here... Thanks for sharing.


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