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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Don't forget to pack 10 things while you traveling

I prefer light weight travel if it is short trip obviously... As number of days increase you need more and more stuff. we have to take care of luggage specially when we travel through flight. As all airlines have limited baggage allowances per passenger. So during your vacation don't forget to pack 10 things which i mentioned. 

Check out following Essentials for tours and travel

1. Toiletry Kit

Most of the hotels provide toiletry but you never know each country has different pattern of hospitality. I generally avoid using different shampoo and conditioner. So I carry my own toiletry kit. You can buy toiletry kit from any super store. It contains plastic or fabric pouch and having squeezing bottles. You can choose the size of kit according to your requirements. I usually prefer four bottles. You need to carry shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body lotion, tooth paste and tooth brush. These are essential you can include whatever you want.

Toiletry kit

2. First Aid box

If it's just 2 days journey than you might not required medicine but I usually keep first aid kit in my car. Specially when I go for vacation I check weather first. If you flying overseas than weather at destination will be different. So at least carry medicines for cold, cough, pain killer and any specific disease if you have. Take adhesive bandage, cotton, ointment, scissor etc. 

First aid kit

3. Cellphone chargers and required plugins

As we know US and Europe has different type of electric sockets. So if you traveling in these countries than you required additional plunging for your charger. So make sure to carry otherwise you won't be able to use your electronics.


4. Sun glasses

Don't forget to protect your eyes and be in style. 


5. Reservation details and Itinerary 

Before you start booking make your Itinerary. It would be great if you plan your each day of trip. So it will be easy to identify where to stay and which places to visit. First and foremost thing is do cross check the booking dates of your flights and hotels. If you booked car or any group sight seeing package than get print outs of that as well.

Booking details

6. Passports 

If you flying overseas than you must carry passport and visa. And check prior about visa requirements and validity of visa. 


7. Make up kit / shaving kit

Depends on your destination and number of days you staying you can decide what you want to carry and what can be avoided. Try to minimize so that you can avoid weight. And also if you plan to keep your makeup kit/ Shaving kit in your carry on bag than check the airlines rules for liquid in carry on bags.

Makeup kit / Shaving kit

8. Camera

Camera is the most important device to capture precious moments of your trip. You can use mobile, iPad, tablet, point and shoot or DSLR cameras. Please carry the one which you are comfortable with. Don't forget to carry extra battery or portable charger.


9. Map, direction and guide

Many of the famous tourist destination have transportation services spits better to keep maps with you. If you plan to driving than do check the directions and traffic rules prior to your trip.

Guides and Maps

10. Destination currency

As we know all country have different currency. So better to identify the currency of destinations. And find out average expense so that you can carry cash or travel card.



  1. I don't travel internationally, but I do pack most of these things anyways :)

  2. These are all necessary things to have when traveling especially plugs for phone and laptop and I especially agrees with passport. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a great list! I always forget converters and then its so hard to find them when I'm overseas!

    xo Bree

  4. Great list! I always seem to forget something important on my trips or accidentally pack it in my checked luggage then need it in the airport!

  5. I have to remember the liquid thing. We are traveling next month.

  6. Very useful list. I tend to buy small shampoos and shower gel at the airport as I often simply have no time to pack it.

  7. This is a very great list! A must keep for my next trip.

  8. This is such a detailed and complete list of things. I love it. You didn't miss on anything. I never leave home without my toiletries.

  9. What a great list. I am not a makeup girl, so I can do without makeup.

  10. It is so aggravating when I forget my sunglasses. I have several pair now because we'll have to stop on our journey to buy me a pair. Sad thing is I usually leave them all at home.

  11. I always have to make a list or I forget things. These are all necessary items for sure. Thank you!

  12. I wouldn't mind picking up a new pair of shades. These are great ideas!!

  13. This is so smart! I always forget sunglasses!

  14. Nothing can inconvenience you on a trip quite like forgetting a charger. We forgot one on our last trip and the hubs had to run to Target to get one, lol.