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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Starved rock state park

Hi guys after creating 10 national parks to enjoy summer one of my friend suggested to create a post for state parks and other less famous parks so today i am creating post for Starved Rock state park. It might famous and known for hikers but not for all.

Even i dint knew about these park until one of our friend planned to visit and than i google it about these place and i came to know these is voted as number#1 attraction in the state of Illinois.

Did someone say they love canyons and waterfalls? Oh than Starved rock state park is perfect place for you. Starved rock state park is situated at the Illinois river bank. 

How to get there

Chicago o'hare international airport is nearest airport from the Starved rock state park it takes approx 1 hour and 45 mins to get there but still time will vary according to traffic. 

Another option is Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport or Dane county regional airport are other two airports which quite near from Starved Rock state park. It takes more or less than 2 and half hour to reach there. 

You can rent a car from Airport and drive to Starved Rock state park. If you leave near by than obviously you can drive straight to park. 

Tip to explore Starved rock state park

  • First and foremost thing reach as early as possible around 9 AM. As day will pass on it will get crowded. And difficult to walk around and reach to the spot.
  • If you are planning to walk on hiking trail than wear proper shoes which comfortable for walk. Do keep water bottle and granola bars in your hiking bag.
  • You have to park your vehicle at the parking lot around visitor center and trail will start behind the visitor center so grab all your stuff from the car when you head to visitor center so you don't have to come back again. 
  • If you are planing to spend just one day and cover whole park than stay energetic because trail have plenty amount of steps for up and down specially at bluff trail.
  • I would suggest you to spare at least 2 day so you don't have to keep running all day to cover points you can divide your adventure in 2 days.
  • As visitor center don't have exact address enter lodge address:-  Starved Rock Lodge & Conference Center, 2668 East 873rd Road, North Utica, IL 61373 once you enter in the state park look for sign visitor center and follow it unless you are staying at the lodge.
Points to explore Starved rock state park

So very first thing you have to do is go to visitor center and grab a map. The day when we went it was raining and we were worried about getting wet. If you face the same don't worry gift shop beside the visitor center have ponchos so you can purchase one for your self and stay safe from rain. :-) :-)

So now you have map which will look like these.

Trail map of Starved rock state park

You can board starved rock state park trolley from outside of the Great Hall of the Loadge. Ticket prices are $12 for adults, $10 for seniors and $8 for children. Very 1st stop will be visitors center. 

Starved Rock trolley
Starved Rock state park is all in one package. Starved rock state park offers hiking along the nature trails, Magnificent views along the Illinois river and recreational opportunities. You don't like hiking than don't worry you can do Picnicking, Fishing, Boating, Horseback riding, Camping and winter sports.

Wildcat canyon

These state park have almost 18 canyons formed by glacial melt-water and stream erosion. They slice through covered tree and sand stone bluffs for four miles at starved rock state park.

View of dam from starved rock

The park is best known for its fascinating rock formations. These state park provides great view of wild trees and great waterfalls.

Pontiac canyon

You can see view of dam from the other side of the dam as well. You can do kayaking and fishing. The day we visited it was cloudy and rainy so romantic isn't it ? You can see the picture which shows beautiful cloud. 

Beehive overlook

Basswood canyon

We were walking through the trail and looking around tall trees and suddenly I had seen one tree lying on ground and the tree was seems like face of horse.

One of the more popular canyons for photographers. This canyon is quite a long walk from the Visitor Center parking lot, but great for avid hikers. This canyon features a waterfall that is active most of the year. You can exit this canyon from a trail on the west or the east side of the waterfall by walking behind the actual waterfall. This is also a gorgeous icefall in the winter! 

Water fall from inside of LaSalle Canyon

LaSalle canyon


  1. Very cool! Looks like such a great place to visit. The photos are beautiful. :)

  2. Wow! I'd love to visit and photograph that place one day, beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! I am originally from about 5 hours south of here, and my daughter is currently at college in Southern Illinois. They have the neatest state parks.