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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Camping essentials for summer fun

I love camping and I know you guys too. Summer is the only season to enjoy camping and experience forest living. But many people get nervous if they organizing camping first time. So I finally decided to write about camping essentials.

Very first step for camping is identify the place where you want to go? And for how many days you are planning to stay?

There are number of state parks and national parks who providing camping site. Before you plan for your camping do research about the park facilities and surrounded area. Find out park timings, fees and camp site details.

Things you need to carry with you

Most important thing is Water.  You need to carry whole water carat as you required to stay hydrated in summer. Obviously it depends on how many persons are there. Even you required water to make coffee and if you are planning to cook something than also you required water.

Bug spray  is very essential to keep you safe from bugs and mosquito bites. There are many brand in the market and also it comes in unscented and scented form. So it's up to you which one you want to use. I usually use OFF! Family care.

Drinks and Snacks

I don't know about you but I cannot stay hungry 😆😆😆. So I always prefers to carry food and drinks with me. Many of the parks not allow alcohol beverages so make sure while you planning your visit. Take the different flavored sodas, energy drinks like Gateroid or lemonades etc. it's totally your choice. 


I am sure you don't want to miss clicking these wonderful moments and capture it in you camera. If you are passionate photographer than don't forget to take your tripod stand. And if you are selfie mania than take your selfie stick.

Comfortable footwear 

I really like wearing flip flops but when I go for camping and hiking I prefer wearing shoes. It's safe because it covers whole feet so safe from any injury and very comfortable in walking. Are sure you are not wearing heels or else you will not forget your camping experience life time 😆😆😆😆


In most of the park at the entrance you will get map but if you want you can find map online and get it printed. So it will work as backup if you lost original map. And if you have map ready with you than you can identify the activities to do and how to spend time moving around?

First aid box is very tricky. Many of you have confusion what to carry and what not. I would suggest few basic things you should carry. Check out the list:-
          1. Adhesive Bandages
          2. Cotton 
          3. Pain killers 
          4. Antiseptic wipes or solution
          5. Antibiotic ointment 
          6. Scissor 
          7. Tweezers
          8. Roller bandages 
          9. Adhesive cloth tape
          10. Oral thermometer 

Torch and lantern 


Group games are great option for Spending time with friends and family. You can carry bean bag toss, NFL ball throws etc. Board games are also good for fun.

Friends and family

Oh I forgot to mention to take your family and friends with you. How you can forget them? Camping is really fun when you do in group. As you have large group it will be more fun. You can enjoy camp fires and barbecue parties in the park.


  1. I have never been camping but that is on my list of goals for the next year.

  2. First aid kit essentials is very helpful!

  3. These are all great essentials! I don't go anywhere in the summer without bug spray!

  4. Good ideas! I can't wait to go camping again :-)