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Monday, July 27, 2015

Refreshing summer coolers

Summer is great season for outdoor fun but bright sun makes you tan and dehydrated. So to enjoy summer staying hydrated is important thing. Normal water would be fine but if you get tasty cooler than it would be adding so much fun to your summer. If you are throwing party in your backyard or going for picnicking you can make wonderful coolers and enjoy fresh fruit flavors.

Refreshing summer coolers 

When you throwing a backyard party or pool party and you want to go for nonalcoholic drinks than fresh fruit coolers will be a great option. That way whole family can enjoy the drinks without restrictions. :-) :-)

Ginger Ale

Ginger and lemon together make a great flavor. Homemade ginger ale is great for digestive disturbances and contains probiotics and enzymes. It is very simple to make and great to serve as welcome drink as well.

1 inch piece of ginger root / Ginger juice
½ tsp sugar
½ tsp lemon juice
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup soda
Take fresh ginger root and shred it nicely and add into water and keep aside. You can adjust ginger flavor according to your taste. Usually I prefer strong ginger flavor. Add sugar, lemon juice and salt and mix well. You can also add half water and keep it in freeze and add half soda when you serve. You can strain the mixture if you don't like ginger shreds in to your drink.

Ginger Ale

Lemon Mint Cooler

Lemon is a citrus fruit. A citrus fruit are great source of vitamin C, and contains folate and potassium. Mint is gives amazing freshness. This aromatic herb contains vitamin C, Copper and manganese. Lemon and mint is great combination of savory freshness.
This drink will totally depend on individuals taste so feel free to alter the proportion of ingredients. 
For one glass lemon mint cooler you will need following ingredients.

2 table spoon Lemon juice,
4-5 Mint leaves partly crushed
1-2 Lemon slice
1/4th tsp  cumin powder
pinch of salt or as per your taste
1/2 tsp sugar
1/2 cup soda

Mix all ingredients in a serving glass except one slice of lemon. You can add ice cubes and water or chilled soda as per your like. It tastes great with regular club soda(Sparkling water). Serve this refreshing drink by garnishing the drink with lemon slice.

Lemon mint cooler

Lemon iced tea

I am not really a tea person but I like lemon iced tea. Those who don’t like tea these will be great option for them.

3-4 tea bags 
1 lemon or lime
Sugar 3-4 tablespoons or as per taste
3 glass of water

Take pan add water and tea bags: bring it to boil. Boil till it turn light brown color and strain it in bowl. Add sugar in it when it's hot so it will melt easily. Let it cool down. You can store these tea in freeze. You can mix lemon juice when you want to serve. It will be refreshing when served cold with ice.

Lemon ice tea

Strawberry punch

Berries are summer fruit. Summer is great season for backyard party, picnicking and get together. Strawberry punch will be great refreshing drink with fresh strawberries. 
For one glass of strawberry punch you need following ingredients.

5-7 sweet and ripe strawberries
½ tsp sugar
pinch of salt
4-5 tsp water
1/2 glass of soda
Strawberry for garnishing 

Take a blender or food processor jar. Add strawberries, sugar,salt, water and blend it very well. Pour the mixture in the glass, add ice cubes and pour sparkling water at the time of serving. Garnish it with strawberry. 

Strawberry Punch

Mango Madness

Normally people use ripe mango in salads, smoothies and desserts. But I will tell you secret recipe of drink in which key ingredient is raw mango. So go to the grocery store and find raw or partly ripe mango. These mangoes will be sour and it depends on how much ripe it is?
For 2 glass of mango madness drink you need following ingredients.

1 medium size raw mango
3-4 tablespoon sugar½ tsp. cumin powder
pinch of salt1 and
half cup of water
Square piece of mango for garnishing

Take one medium size mango peel it and cut into pieces. Let’s add little bit sugar for sweetness in to it; you can add more sugar if you like more sweet but I like tangy taste so 3 table spoons is enough for me. Now add salt and cumin and blend the mixture until you cannot see mango chunks.  Pour it in to glass garnish with mango and serve.You can make this drink prior to party or get together store it in refridgrator and serve chilled.
Mango madness

Peach Cherry cooler

Peach and cherry makes great combination together. These cooler is very easy quick and required less ingredients. 
This proportion will make 1 glass of drink. For Peach Cherry cooler we required following ingredients:-

1 medium size peach,
15 pitted cherries,
Sugar if required
Half cup of Water or pineapple juice (Which ever you prefer)

Wash cherries and peach nicely than cut in to pieces. Take a blender add all ingredients except sugar. Blend it well. As cherry is sweet you might not require sugar but if some people don’t like tangy than you might need to add it.

Peach cherry cooler


  1. Lemon ice tea is my absolute favourite, can't wait to make this!!

    Becky |

  2. I love lemon iced tea. All the other coolers also seem quite great! :)

  3. I will try to make ice tea. Lets see how it taste.. thanks for sharing.. :)

    1. Best of luck to try it out ☺️☺️

  4. Love your post. I am trying the Peach cherry cooler while peaches are in season! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Oh sure and use ripped cherries it will give natural sweetness.

  5. These summer coolers all sound so very delicious. I can't wait to give them a try. Thanks for the recipes.

    1. You are most welcome. Hope you like it.

  6. Oh this came in just in time! We're expecting a hot weekend and those drinks sounds perfect for that. I love everything with lemon right now, need to try out some of your suggestions!

    1. Oh great.... Hope you have great weekend

  7. Yum! I think the Strawberry punch might be good with watermelon too. Any of them sound great with a little vodka thrown in! Hee hee!

    1. I like watermelon too. Yeah true if you replace soda with vodka it will become cocktail.