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USA is spread over 3000 miles from east to west between the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific ocean. While East and West covered with the Ocean, Northern and Southern border shared with Canada and Mexico respectively.


An interesting fact is, all states had little different weather than others. North and Eastern part are colder than the West and South in winter. Spring to fall is the best season to visit US. East and South are hotter than the west and North in Summer. So before you plan your trip make sure to decide your destinations and check the weather report before pack your bags.


In the USA there are four time zones

  1. Pacific time zone (UTC-8.00)
  2. Mountain time zone (UTC-7.00)
  3. Central time zone (UTC-6.00)
  4. Eastern time zone (UTC-5.00)
from West to East all time zone are 1 hour further that other

I have traveled a few places of USA and I am sharing my experience with you which can help you to plan your trip.

All destinations were unique and they offer something different than each other.

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