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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday, June 12, 2015

Top 10 Summer date ideas

As summer has started I thought I should help my readers to enjoy their summer with their partners. Summer is most happening season to go out with your loved once. In summer you can spend time together and enjoy outdoor activities which your partner likes. But going on date is critical part for some people who are shy and finding trouble for what to talk. In summer there are number of activities which you can do together so find out your favorite activity and set a date. As I can’t find you date but I can find you where to go on date. :-) :-)

Summer itself tends to outdoor activities. And as far as I know after snowy winter everyone wants to enjoy bright sun shine and get relax at peaceful place. When I planned to write about this post I started remembering my college days and fall in love again. Going on date is so exciting as well as make you feel nervous. But it’s a great experience and amazing memories too.

State Fair

State fair is one of my favorite places to go on date. The great thing of state fair is they offer food, fun, Games, thrilling rides, live music and shopping. So you can explore all in one package. And they have everything so you can find what are your interest and partners likes and dislikes. Which will help you to know each other better? Mostly in June and August they organize state fairs so start googling state fair near you. Do find how much it will cost according to the activities you are planning to do. I love rides so state fair is one of the compulsory date for me. :-) :-)

Milwaukee state fair

Swim at the beach

Swimming is great workout and fun activity. If you like to spend time alone and want to relax than going to beach is great option. You can take some food and drinks. Take your swim gear and had to nearest beach. You can swim at intervals and have small talks which helps get to know each other better. I personally feel beach is great place to do some serious talks.  Most of the beach parks are free of cost. So this option will work best at any time in summer.


Whenever anyone says Picnic food comes into my mind. It depends on you what type of picnic you want to organize. It can be Picnic party or may be handmade snacks for your partner. I personally prefer handmade snacks with great view. So I usually find out state park or nearest park with great lake view. Nice water view feels more romantic. And prepare snack which won’t get messy and do take all supplies which you need like plates, spoons, paper napkins etc.

Boating (Kayaking / Speed boat)

Boating is fun activity. You can do boating with Canoeing, Kayaking, Speed boat or Paddle boat. If you like more adventurous than you can go for white water rafting. Some people don’t like kayaking and canoeing because they think its stress on arms. Don’t worry, than you can take boat tour and still explore water views. Speed boat is always great option as you don’t have to do much effort to drive, so fun and adventurous. An important tip : speed boat will be costly to rent compare to kayak and canoe. So do keep in mind your budget. 

Kayaking at Washington Lake


Camping is fun and exciting. There are different options for camping, either you can rent RV or some places provide tents and cabins on rent. Renting RV can be costly. Other option is to search a place where you can carry your own tent and stay. You can enjoy camp fire, Roast corn, and Roast marshmallows. While going on camping make sure you carry all stuff like camping bed, Woods and camp fire material, Mosquito spray if in case you need, first aid box, Torch etc. It’s not mandatory to carry all these things but handy to keep with along.

Wine tasting / Beer tasting

Typical dining and movie dates are getting boring. Going for wine and beer tasting can be more fun. Summer is great season for wine and beer tasting. It’s totally depends on you and your partners likes that which drink you like most. There are number of local and famous places that provide wine tasting. You can find discount coupon or deal on Groupon or on their own website. If you don’t want to go to crowded places than you can find one country side. I personally feel Wine is classy alternative of flowers. After few days flowers will end up in trash can but the taste of wine will stay in your memories.

Berry Picking

Everyone loves fresh fruits right? And berries are great for smoothies, desserts and cocktails. I feel berries are fruit of love. There is no better way to get fresh berries except from farm and that to you are picking from your own hand. Isn’t it fun? Berries are summer fruit so you will find number of farms around you provide berry picking. So drive to farm, Grab your basket and start picking fresh berries with your loved once. You can figure out what to do with berries and may be bake a pie together.

Love Strawberries 

Music Concert

For music lovers summer is best season to enjoy the concert. There are number of places where music festivals are organized. You can choose according to what type of music you like. Some people like rock and hip-hop than other might like classical kind of music. Choice is all yours. Enjoying your favorite music with loved once is a romantic moments. Do check out for entry passes prior. Some concerts are free and some are not.

Music concert

Baseball Game

Baseball is spectator sport for all ages of men and women. It is easy to understand and not required constant attention like NFL or NBA. You can find at least 1 minor league baseball games where teams play for their love of game not for million dollars. Hot dogs +beer +minor league baseball = perfect evening with your loved once. $2 hot dogs and $1 beer is more than enough to keep you full. I went to Miller Park for baseball game and it was so much fun. Even though I didn’t know much about baseball game rules, we had great time together and enjoyed a lot.

Miller Park

Food Festival / Summer fest

Are you a food lover?  If yes, then no other date is perfect than food festival.  You can try all different flavors from different cuisines.  Most of them have tailor made dishes which you won’t get in restaurants. Spend your afternoon hopping from one booth to another and try what you like. Some vendors provide sampling as well. It would be fun tasting new flavors and share your thoughts with partner.  Sometimes they have booth for snow cone and ice cream too.

Bite of Seattle